Thursday, April 05, 2007

Okay, here is the skinnie! I come across lots of music surfing the internet and for the most part my feelings are pretty cut and dry. I either like the song or I hate it! If I put a song into the "I Hate This Song" catagory, then I normally never play the song again. At moments I have been a little too hasty in my final assessment of a track, which has caused me some regret after I finally realized it was better then I originally thought. Wisdom in music has taught me that some songs have to grow on you a little to really be appreciated. Patience is key, but most of us are into the 20 second skimming mode when we first listen to a new song. That's when you give a new song only the first 20 seconds to impress you, and if it doesn't get you interested in that short time frame you skip to the next track! Before long you have skipped through the whole album and become pissed off because you don't like any of the tracks. Now you have a brand new shiney coaster. I used to be notorious for that back in the day, but now I give a song atleast 25 seconds to impress me, so I am getting a little better? On occasions there are times where I'm totally indifferent about my true feelings on a song. I like the track enough not to hate it, but I hate it just enough not to like it either. In cases like that I usually converse with a couple of my buddies to discuss the song(s) in hopes of coming to a final conclusion. Maybe, I am just missing something? This tactic works sometimes, but most of the time I am left even more confused. I have four tracks that I still can't decide on how I really feel about them.

So, I decided to take a page from a local radio station here in Detroit! When I was coming up back in the day when this particular radio station would premiere a new song, they would let the listeners decide whether they should "Slam It" or "Jam It." Slam It meant: This song sucks, so don't ever play it again! Jam It meant: This song is hot, so keep playing it! It was cool because station made us feel like we had a real voice in what they played on the radio. Even though it wasn't true in the end, it was still fun to hear what people thought about each song. Since, there are people from all over the world that frequent this blog, I hope that this endeavor will lead to fruitful interaction and dialog between us all? If this works, I will continue doing these types of post sharing new and unreleased tracks for you to critique. Let's see how this one goes and take it from there.

Okay, here are the four tracks that I want you to listen 2, review and leave your final opinion about each track in the comments section using the phrases "SLAM IT" or "JAM IT!" Feel free to go into greater detail about why you like or hate these tracks as well. I'm quite sure most of you folks have some interesting things to say....

The first track is LL Cool J - Whatcha Hood Like (Prod. 50 Cent), which is supposedly the first single off of his new album working with 50 Cent.

The second track is 50 Cent - Straight To The Bank, which is supposedly the first single off of his new album.

The third track is Chaundon - Tripod, who is a member of the Justus League and this is supposedly a song off of his upcoming album.

The last track is LL Cool J - Preserve The Sexy feat. Teairra Marie, and I don't know where this one came from.


SoundNexx said...

I'll start this chumpy off...

The LL & 50 track gets a SLAM IT from me DAMM IT! 50 and LL are both too cocky for their own good, and having them sharing music space has me on cocky overload. LL is trying to get his male fans back by working with 50, but I ain't going for it!

The 50 Cent track is decent actually, but again his cocky attitude takes away from the song to me. I say JAM IT only because the beat is hot!

The Chaundon track also gets a JAM IT from me as well. Not since the days of Too Short have I heard such a freaky tale. This one is definitely 4 the fellaz, but I'm not complaining.

The LL & Teairra track get a coin tossed JAM IT from me. This actually seems like LL's comfort zone these days, but then again I am getting tired of these rehashed DOIN IT WELL type tracks he seems to drop every summer. Maybe LL has finally reached the end of the road (No Boyz II Men)..

Larry Luv said...

Slam both LL tracks! Those can bite the dust. He has finally falle off, and 50 can't save him.

I say Jam It to the Chaundon and 50 Cent tracks. U may not like 50, but you have to respect his ability to make decent street music..

deesoul said...

Jam It to the LL & Chaundon tracks. Slam It to 50 Cent because whenever I hear a new Dr. Dre beat, it makes me more hungry for DETOX!

LadyLuv said...

LL is mad corny these days, so I will definitely slam both of those. 50's track is nice, Jam that one. I don't like tracks where male rappers diss the women, so I say slam that one too. I did like the beat though.

Tekk said...

I'd jam all of these songs. The beats are solid. 50 hates Cam and so do I, so I love it when he disses him.

Great blog!!


SupremeAntBee said...

SLAM every single one of these weak ass tracks!

It was written said...

currently I repeat currently jam the fif joint and chaundon
ll whatcha hood joint I honestly couldn't decide.
the other one...slam that shit.