Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I realize that many music fans don't always buy albums because a particular artist sings/raps really well. This is especially prevelent in the younger female music buyers! Come to think about it, are there any of those left in 2007? It tickles me when I hear a teenager say stuff like "I bought his CD cuz he fine" or "I just wanted the pictures that came with the CD!" Having actual talent seems to be secondary amongst many consumers? The record companies definitely understand that having sex appeal is a major factor to an artist being truly successful these days. Almost more important than having actual talent in most cases. Think about come you see more pretty/sexy soul artists with no talent and less ugly artists with enormous talent in the music industry these days? That didn't happen by accident. Back in the 70s & 80s ugly soul artists were a dime a dozen, but now they are almost extinct like the African Turd Beetle? As much as we avoid talking about, sex still makes people pay attention to certain artists, and it definitely helps with record sells as well. I don't know about ya'll, but if I see a half naked woman on the cover of an album I'm definitely going to look at it! If the picture is too small, I might even pull out my trusty magnifying glass to get a closer look? I definitely wouldn't buy an album on eye candy alone though (not now anyway), but the reality is that I noticed that particular CD amongst all of the others on the store shelf. Job well done! By the way, everyone should keep a magnifying glass in their pocket at all times. You just never know when you may need one dammit! Trust me, you'll thank me later!

I will admit that being easy on the eyes makes me like some female music artists just a little bit more than the fugly ones. Shameful, but true! The soul singer Adriana Evans is a perfect example of beauty meets talent, which equals sexy azz hell! She's on that next level of finery! Looking at her pictures puts a smile on my face everytime, but her music is what keeps this fan coming back. The most impressive thing of all though is that Adriana can REALLY sing, or should I say sang? She effortlessly blows those music notes right out of the speaker, and her live shows are definitely the truth! Her voice has a very soothing quality to it, kind of like lying in Aretha Franklin's bosom on a cold winter night! Did I already mention that Adriana is really fine too? I have to make sure that point is very well understood. I first discovered Adriana Evans back in 1997 when she released her self-titled debut album that many folks slept on. I almost over slept on that joint too actually! After a long hiatus she released a second project "Kimset" that was basically an import remix project of her first album. It's a fresh spin on some of her more popular tracks. Soon after that joint came "Nomadic," which had a different feel from her previous works. It had more of an acid jazz/blues feel with a twist of Brazilian flavor on the side. This album showed her diversity and growth as an artist. Whether you liked that album or not, you had to appreciate her willingness to experiment and take a chance. I thought it an interesting piece of work actually. Now, it's 2007 and Adriana is back with a brand new album entitled "El Camino" that has brought her sound back to where it started. The new album has a nice balance of uptempo beats and mellow smooth vibes, which keeps everything moving along nicely. If you are unfamiliar with Adriana Evan's music, here is your chance to familiarize yourself with this great talent! Oh yeah, an she real fine too dammit!!

Okay, enough bantering folks! It's time for another mixx from the SoundNexx Soul Vault! I call this soulful mixx Soulquincha. Why? I don't know really, but it just rolls off your tongue oh so nicely. Say it with me one time...SOUL-KWIN-CHAA! I know that felt good, so feel free to keep on repeating it over and over again. This mixx is full of addicting soulful tracks, so make sure you take a listen and tell a friend or foe. You know I had to add a little old school at the end for my seasoned veterans that like to get their boogie on too!


01-Amerie - Money In The Bank
02-Leela James - Rain
03-Jaquar Wright - Let Me Be The One
04-Adriana Evans - Reality
05-Strange Fruit Project - Aquatic Groove
06-Jazzy Jeff feat. Raheem, V & Erro - For Da Love of Da Game (Remix)
07-Eric Roberson - If I Had A Chance
08-Slum Village - I Don't Know
09-McFadden & Whitehead feat. Black Thought - Ain't No Stopping Us Now
10-Ladybug Mecca feat. Raheem DeVaughn - Dogg Starr (Remix)
11-Nas - You're The Man
12-Joe feat. Nas - Get To Know Me
13-Wordsworth - Be A Man
14-Sa-Ra - Ladies Sing
15-Musiq Soulchild - Makeyouhappy
16-Ready For The World - Oh Sheila
17-O'Bryan - I'm Freaky
18-Prince - New Position
19-Mary Jane Girls - Candyman



noahdeeakili said...

wow. Adriana Evans n schitt!

word up!!

respecognition mang!

Dred Scott put her on!

SoundNexx said...

@Noahdeeakili - Obviously, you recognize the music presence of Adriana like I do. Most folks are still sleepin' on my girl for sure. Dred Scott was a helluva producer, and he definitely put it down for her. His solo joint wasn't to shabby either!

Netm8kr said...

Sup Brother,

I been away for the last few weeks. Unfortunately, I had double death in my family. I must say bro, your mixes helped me keep my spirits up. That soul vitality mix was right on point for me during troubled times. Things are coming back to semi-normal status. As expected, you had a new mix for me to enjoy. Keep it flowin brother. If no one else looks forward to them, I do.

PS. My Soul Ain't For Sale...

Peace Netm8kr... (Snipersoundz)

SoundNexx said...

@Netm8kr - Sorry, to hear about your loss my man! Music is amazing in that way. I've always felt its power to uplift, even in the most trying situations. Glad my mixes provided you some comfort, but I could never take all of the credit. Keep ya head up playboy...

Randall said...

You get big UPPS for recognizing Adriana Evans on your spot.. I also have all of her CDs and wish more of the public could put her on like Bonita. The mix is nice also.