Thursday, February 16, 2006

80's HIPHOP (THE PLATNIUM ERA)! is a great day! As I mentioned before in previous posts, music for me is like a treasure hunt! For those that don't know, I have boxes of music stored everywhere. Sometimes, years go by before I get a chance to look in those boxes. Recently, I opened up a box that I hadn't seen in a minute (actually years), and I discovered a music gem! It was a Maxwell cassette tape I had made back in the 80's of some old, but great hiphop music. I am talking about hiphop artists like U.T.F.O., The Fat Boys, MC Lyte, & Special Ed! Most of the songs on this tape, I don't even have in my collection anymore!

History lesson time: See...before CDs and MP3s ruled the world, music lovers listened to their favorite songs on cassette tapes. Through technology advancements, the double cassette deck player was created. This invention introduced the power of dubbing. So, I would take all the cassettes that I previously purchased, and dub all of my favorite songs onto a blank cassette tape (Sony, Maxwell, BASF) for my personal enjoyment. That is how this gem I found was created. It took many hours to make the perfect cassette back in the day, but it didn't matter. Having a phat tape was most important in the end! Then I would get my JVC boom box radio, and sit on the porch pumping all of the dopest rap tracks for my boyz (Bernard, Donald, Jerome, and Bennie) until the sun went down. When I left the house, I always had my trusty Sony Walkman Cassette Player! The good ole' youngenz wouldn't understand?

Okay, since I still have a double-cassette deck at my disposal (thought I didn't), I was able to extract some of these rare classics, and put them in a mix just for you true-true old school hiphop fans. When I was listening to this tape, it just took me back to a better time in hiphop music. A time when hiphop was innocent, creative and high-powered! I remember a time in hiphop where if you as an MC sounded like or even dressed like another MC they would get dissed! You were considered to be "biting" someone elses style. Now-a-days, hiphop (or rap) is in a cookie cutter phase? Everybody looks and sounds just a like in most cases? For example... I really can't tell the difference between groups like "Down 4 Life" (Laffy-Taffy, Betcha Can't Do It Like Me) and "Dem Franchise Boyz" (White Tee, Oh I Think Dey Like Me)? They look and sound alike to me. I like some Southern rap, but give me more Outkast, T.I. & Ludacris and less of the rap crap...please!

Some people call 90's hiphop the Golden Era, so 80's hiphop must be the Platinum Era! From the Platinum Era I give you the "80's Retro HipHop Mix" to bring back those great memories of yester-years. Remember when you first saw the movies, "Beat Street" and "Krush Groove?" That's the feeling that this mix will bring! The good ole' days of Jolly Ranchers, Blow Pops, Now and Laters,
He-Man, Transformers, Thundercats, Giant Robot, Ultra Man, Legos, Nite-Brite, The Slinky, Rubix Cube, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Kung-Fu Theater, Kangols, Swatch Watches, Fat Laces, Lotto Sneakers, Gazelle Glasses.....okay you get the point!!!!

Here are some of my favorite artists and albums from the 80's!!


Put on your Kangol and Addidas Shell Toes with the fat laces before you play this mix! Don't stop the body rock............



Honey said...

LOL @ you explaining the use of the double cassette deck. Man did you bring back some memories. You were high tech if you were dubbing, lol. Thanks for the mix!

Oh yeah, I know I told you I still got Maxwell on cassette ;)

SoundNexx said...

Honey - Sometimes, you have to share information like that, so the youngens will hopefully appreciate the evolution of music! Yes, I know you are still driving the 92' Honda Civic with the tape deck, pumpin' Maxwell..LOL!

Keepin' it old skool...I likes dat!

Anonymous said...

Soundnexx, you took me back with the mix. I got to give you much dap on getting in that DOUG E FRESH…man And then near the end the DE LA SOUL…then you really hit em' hard when you rock that SOUL SONIC FORCE…I remember playin nurf football with my friends and we got the boom box with two tape cassettes but the one at the bottom didn't have a door .. you just pushed it in like an 8-track…remember that!!! AH man. On that note I have to say that that fat boyz track is hotter than some shit on the air waves now!

harme1 said...

i'm still playin catch-up on some of these blogs and I'm about 10 cd's in the hole right now to listen to, but this will get plaay tonight! As a fellow "go-to-guy" when it came to pause button mixes back in the day, (remember when you forgot to hit pause and had to rewind and start over?!!)I know about the hidden stashes of music in the garage- betwee nmy boxes of old comic books and albums are boxes and boxes of tapes, made and bought that I will never get rid of.
Sadly I don't have a tape deck hooked up anymore but it's out there too.....just gotta dust it off.....

Koolie said...

Can you re-up this one?