Friday, February 10, 2006

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so by request from a few of my peepz, I put a couple of mixes together for you true romantics out there? A lot of hard exterior type folks try to act like they can't appreciate a good slow song? To that I say, "Grow up!" Can you really get your chill on with Busta Rhymes playing in the background? Honestly, I am truly a "HipHop Head" by nature, but I am very diverse in my music taste for good reasons. For all of those thug-passioned playaz out there, believe me.....a Luther Vandross song will get you much further with a woman than Tupac ever could! You youngstas, get some classic slow jams in your music collection, and you will be very happy you did when the ladies start coming me!

I decided to create two mixes this time around. The first mix is called, the "SoundNexx Dopest Duetz Mixx," which is basically some of my favorite duets (male & female) ever put on wax! I couldn't get all of my favorite jams in one mix, but I put a nice variety of old and new songs together! You and yours can relax and chill with that mix. The second mix is called, "SoundNexx Cupid of Love Mixx," which is a compilation of great love jams that range from the 1970's through 2005! If everything is working right for you on Valentine's Day, this mix is a nice finish to the evening........

For all of those couples still in love out there, keep up the good work, and for you single folks enjoying life on the solo tip, love ya damn self!! "LUV, PEACE & SOUL!"

Links have been updated:
Download The "SoundNexx Dopest Duetz Mixx" Here!

Download The "SoundNexx Cupid of Love Mixx" Here!

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Anonymous said...

The mix was on point..."what could be better *****" M in ATL