Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Kindred The Family Soul is definitely one of my favorite soul groups of the neo-soul era! The group members consist of Aja Graydon, and her husband Fatin Dantzler. Kindred has that same musical chemistry like other great singing couples like Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, Ashford & Simpson, Rene & Angela, and even Bobby & Whitney before they got hooked on cocaine...yeah I know!! Kindred have a unique sound that has been making waves since their classic album debut back in 2003 titled, "Surrender To Love." In 2005, they finally released their second album, "In This Life Togther," which reminded everyone that Aja and Fatin are still in this life together!

On February 4th, 2006...Kindred performed at a free outside concert at the Detroit Winter Blast Festival on Superbowl XL weekend. This concert also had the "too light 2 fight, too thin 2 win" R&B/Pop crooner, "Trey Songz," and Detroit native Kem on ticket as well! Unfortunately, Trey Songz was injured by a snowflake falling on his head, so he never made it!! Awwww!!?? I did get a chance to see Kindred perform live for the first time, and I was very happy I did! Don't forget, this concert was outside, at night in Detroit during the middle of winter! Yes, it was cold as hell outside, but I was determined to stick it out no matter what! To make matters worse, Detroit had one of largest snow blizzards in over a month during the concert as well! Aja was even jokingly complaining about her hair getting wet by the snow, and how she must really love Detroit because she hasn't left the stage yet! You know how "sistas" are about their hair!! I think there were about two inches of snow on top of my head by the time Kindred finished performing?

I must say, Kindred put on a helluva free concert! They didn't do any of those crappy musical medleys either (..which, I hate with a passion)!! Even with very large snowflakes falling in my face, getting jabbed by raggedy umbrellas, and crater-head-late-comers standing in front of me (blocking my perfect view)....I was able to snap a few camera shots! This is amateur-professional photography at its finest, so enjoy them. Remember what I went through to get these exclusives for you? Try to ignore the distracting dollar store umbrellas shown at the bottom of the photos.....!

Click photos to enlarge!

If you are not familiar with Kindred The Family Soul.....now's the time to do yourself a favor, and get on the bandwagon! Click here to hear some sample tracks from Kindred.

Also, watch the video for the hot single,
"Question (Where Would I Be)" by clicking here!


Anonymous said...

Kindred is off the chain!!!!! Man talk about reporting and dedication to get the piblic that reside in other states these rare photos!!! Much props SOUNDNEXX!! M>>>ATL..YOU KNOW ME...SOUND

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