Monday, February 20, 2006

I am not sure who this guy is I have displayed on the left, but he looks wack, so I am guessing that his music is the same? If this dude is your daddy, uncle, or brother...tell Da Herb he needs a fashion tip! Gold suits haven't been in style since Quincy Jones starred in "The Wiz" playing the piano in The Emerald City!! " is definitely dead, so the new color is red!" All jokes aside, this is a sensative subject for me. I have finally realized and excepted that hiphop (I mean Rap Music) will probably never return to its original roots of innovation and creativity? All rap music doesn't suck, but 80% of it actually does! The most disturbing factor of this cookie cutter rap music of today is the diliberate lack of rhyming? The new rapper is so wack, the actual poetry factor of the music is being eliminated! The wordplay is most clever part of song isn't it? When the new rapper does try to match the words together in most cases, it usually makes no sense or they use simple words like, "HOW, NOW, BROWN, COW!" I hear new rappers make statements like, "I have never claimed to be good rhymer, I just tell my stories!" Is it lack of talent, or is it just pure laziness? The wack rapper is making money these days, so why should anyone try to be clever?

Over the weekend, I saw a documentary about Yo MTV Raps! on VH1! That show brought back some of those good feelings about hiphop that are definitely lacking today? Way back in the day when hiphop was rich with emotion, but it hardly had any exposure. These days, you can watch a rap video every five minutes, but the music seems empty? There is no heart at all, just weak gimmicks, sex and dollar signs! I like fine women just like the next man, and I never thought I would feel this way, but I'm tired of looking at azz? Ummm, maybe I'm going too far with that statement...let's change the subject! Rappers don't rap for the love of the music anymore, it's about opening a door for establishing clothing lines, shoe deals, movie roles and television shows! Everybody wants to be the next Will Smith or Queen Latifah. How does a rapper have a movie role before their album even drops?? The music industry has been complaining for years about the decline of urban music sales, and downloading is usually blamed. The reality is, if the music is wack, no one is going to buy it anyway! Yes, there is serious internet leeching going on, but making bad albums is not helping the situation at all. It actually encourages downloading if you ask me!! Please, share your feelings on this subject. I am interested to read what you think about it all.....

From time to time, I will be posting some original poetry from unknowns that I think have something to say! My man DMecca7 has blessed me with a piece that inspired this discussion in the first place. He calls the poem, "Rapper!" Check it out, and give the man some feedback about what you think....


So you wanna be a rapper
fame and fortune is what your after
wanna rock the ice
sip cris till your feeling nice
talk about your cars and your doe
exploiting our women in your video
spit elementary rhymes
without substance to spark the mind
damn I hate your kind
destroying the culture with each line
spreading tainted dreams to the public
so unoriginal it makes me sick to my stomach
can’t wait for the real MC’s to take it back
shining the light on this virus that’s infiltrated rap
putting an end to your feckless existence
having booty MC’s bowing down for repentance
getting branded with a “W” for your wackness
you and other weak MC’s stenciled on the blacklist
receiving 25 to life
from ever rocking tha mic.

Written by DMecca7


harme1 said...

Much luv to DMecca for the insightful lines - more luv tp Brother J for posting it up....


Anonymous said...

Good stuff. That's one of the main reasons why i don't really buy rap music any-more...I listen to my old stuff..because most of the new stuff is wack..M..ATL

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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