Saturday, February 11, 2006

This is definitely a sad day in hiphop and music in general! When I heard that Jay Dee had passed away on 2/10/06 from kidney failure, I was personally devistated! I knew he had been in the hospital, and that he looked kind of sickly, but I never guessed he was on his death bed? Being a Detroit native, the group Slum Village has set the standard for Detroit underground hiphop! Slum's success gave other local rap artists the belief that being original and different is still appreciated in hiphop. Jay Dee has produced so many classic hits with his distinctive "Boom-Bap-Clap" production style over the years, it is impossible to name them all. He was definitely the pioneer of the laid back production style, and the slow-choppy, sometimes off-beat rhyme pattern! Originally, a member of the incredible production team, "The Ummah" that produced classic records for artists like The Pharcyde, Erykah Badu, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and Common...Jay-Dee made a name for himself back in the early 90's! Dilla, as he was known in the hiphop community, is definitely one of my top 5 producers of all time! Whether with or without Slum Village by his side, it was hard to deny his true talent! Jay has made some great music over the last decade, but just like so many other hiphop greats like Biggie, Tupac, Pun and Big L....Jay-Dee has left us too soon!! Just like those greats, there will never be another J-Dilla, and he will be truly missed! Jay-Dee's latest instrumental music project titled, "Donuts" was just released on February, support his legacy and his family by purchasing his album(s)!

R.I.P.....J-Dilla (1974-2006)!


nOva said...

All my hip-hop newsfeeds are filling my box with this news. He is no doubt one of my faves. Thanks for the tribute, and for giving some of us that aren't in the know some examples of his excellent work.

Anonymous said...

Jay Dee, is a hip hop icon and I hope that those in the hip hop community honor him the same way they did Big Pun! It's only right...we did start hip hop! ATL!