Monday, February 13, 2006

Sometimes, when it comes to listening to music I get into certain moods! I enjoy all kinds of music, but in some cases I can't find one particular artist that is fitting my musical desires! Do I want to listen to Jill Scott, The Isley Brothers, Slum Village or Jazzanova?? Decision, decisions, and more decisions? There are not too many albums that I want hear the whole thing from start to finish, because I become partial to certain tracks before long. So, I started making compilations years ago of all of my favorite album cuts, which have now been converted into mixes. Now, I have hundreds of compilations and mixes scattered around my home, which most of them are not even labeled! I know "true" music lovers know just what I'm talking about!! It has actually become something like a treasure hunt with my unmarked CDs. Every few weeks, I come across a mix I did a long time ago that I thought was lost? Usually, there is gem track or two on there that I totally forgot about. I said all of that because......I recently discovered (recovered) a few mixes that had been missing for minute, so I decided to share it with my peepz! U lucky @%!($#@? you!!!!

This is a mix that is based on grooves that are nice for relaxing and chillin' somewhere! No mushy love songs this time around, just some mellow jazzy flava! I am a hiphop fiend, so I threw some jazz influenced rap cuts on there for good measure. I don't remember what I was thinking when I put this one together, but it flows pretty well? I figure that most of these cuts will be a little different from the stuff that is usually heard by the average listener? Some of it may even sound strange initially? That's why I called this mix, "Ear Test: Relax and Chill!" Your ears will be tested, but I think it will be an enjoyable experience if you are willing to listen? My feeling is, most great music is never good on the first listen! It's usually an acquired taste that takes several listens to be fully appreciated. A few of the artists that are featured in this mix are: Spacek, Colossus, The Rebirth, Arnanda Project, MHz and Black Spade.

Alright, enough's your Ear Test! After you finish listening to this mixx, leave me a message and let a brotha know what you thought! If you hated or loved it, tell me so!

Oh yeah, before close this post, I just heard some of the worst sh*t my ears have experienced in a real long time!! These types of "so-called" rap songs make me nauseous! This predator faced-dread headed clown named, T-Pain (I'm Sprung) has a video for this stupid song called, "I'm In Luv (With A Stripper)"...also featuring Mike Jones! Why they wasted good money making a video for this mess, I will never understand? This is trash rap! Where the hell is Luke Campbell and The 2 Live Crew when you need them??

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Anonymous said...

Yo soundnexx, the mix was right and on point bro! Thank you for putting in time to make this stuff for us to listen to and enjoy. M in ATL....I think you know me!