Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Where are all of the Wu-Tang Clan fans at in 2008? It's amazing how things have shifted in hip-hop these days. While I was on my daily Net surfing the other day, I came across this GZA album that just dropped over 2 weeks ago. How come nobody is talking about it on the hip-hop blogs around the World Wide Web? I remember back in the day when true Wu fans would never let a project from that camp go unrecognized. Personally, I consider myself an ex-Wu fan. I was burned one too many times when I made blind purchases from the Clan in the past, so I just stopped buying their stuff. Since, I wasn't buying their stuff, I really stopped paying attention to their releases. Today, I am clueless about the Clan's movements. I'm pretty sad about that though. I missed the days when the Clan was nothing to fuck with...
If anybody has put ears on this new GZA joint, please leave a comment or hit the chatbox and let me know how it sounds. GZA was on in my Top 4 of all the Clan members, so I might check it out...?

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