Sunday, September 21, 2008

Personally, I try not to get into deep conversations about religion or politics with most people because it normally leads to someone getting punched in the mouth. Not literally (in most cases), but figuratively. As you know the BIG election is coming up in November 2008, and who you are planning to vote for is a personal choice, so don't think that I am trying to sway you in any way. But, last week my dude Fatt Father (Fat Killaz fame) passed the word that he was dropping a new track on his myspace page called "A Letter To Obama" that he thought I should hear. Normally, I am not too impressed with political records in most cases, but I must say that I totally dug Fatt Father's track. The beat was sickenly dope and his lyrics were heartfelt. I felt the message behind the rhyme. I was moved by this joint that I decided to do a post about it! No mater if you are rolling with the red or blue, I would suggest that you check out this track for the hip-hop's sake. If you dig the track after giving it a good listen, leave the homie a message telling him so. I'm quite sure he'd be interested in what you think about it...
Check out the track by clicking below:

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