Monday, September 15, 2008

The music world seems to be seriously buzzing over Jazmine Sullivan, and for good reason I suppose. One thing she has on her side is having Missy Elliott molding and shaping her music career. Missy is a vet, and she definitely knows how to mentor an upcoming artist. Remember Tweet? Well, maybe not, but my point is that I think Jazmine is in good hands. Her first single "Need U Bad" being played on every radio and video station around the country, so I suspect the fans of that song are anticipating her debut album "Fearless" as well? Personally, her single does nothing for me, but I think she's bringing a little bit of that Lauryn Hill flavor and folks are feeling it. I did get a chance to hear some of her older unreleased tracks, and I must say that I truly enjoyed them! I am hoping that her new album will continue with vibe? Her album drops on September 23rd, so keep your ears open.

Until then, put ears on this little slice of ear pleasing candy:


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