Monday, September 01, 2008

Hip-Hop music is about to get a mojor jolt of life this year! Talk about an early Christmas gift. When one of my favorite emcees and producers get together on one project, it's the highest point of dopestivity! I still remember how much effort I put into making people aware of this group a few years ago. It was back before their first joint dropped when I got a promo copy of the album from a local record store. Truthfully, I didn't know what I had in my possession until I finally listened to the album. I was immediately blown away! Little Brother was still pretty new and unknown by the majority of heads. I chose to go on a Foreign Exchange awareness campaign from that point on. Everyone that I knew who was really into quality hip-hop got an ear full about The Exchange. In 2008, they are a household name in hip-hop. If you don't know about them by now, be ashamed. Be very ashamed!

NOW, there second album "Leave It All Behind" is dropping this year, as we impatiently wait for them to tighten up a few loose ends on the project. Premo is to Nas, what Nicolay is to Phonte. Nic's beats bring out the best in Phonte in my personal opinion, so I'm pretty hyped about the new album! You should be too dammit...!!!

The 3rd Message From F.E.

Digital release of the album drops on October 7th and the CD (including the instrumental album) hits the streets on October 14th! The vinyl release will include 2 bonus remixes not found anywhere else does not have an official release date yet.

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