Monday, September 08, 2008

Since, we all know whom the reigning Queen of Hip-Hop Soul is already, why hasn't there been a King named yet? A know plenty of people that would quickly disagree, but Mary J. Blige has been the Queen since her first single dropped back in the early 90s. Many have tried to remove her from the throne, but it hasn't happened yet. I don't know if it ever will actually? None of these young chicklettes in the game today can hold a torch to Mary, but there is one singer that could giver her a run and that's Faith Evans. I actually like Faith's voice a little better overall! Okay, enough about the Queen. Let's talk about the King of Hip-Hop Soul. His name is Donell Jones! The reason why is because the dude is nice with his vocally, plus over his career he's blessed several hip-hop beats and ripped each of them. Both Donell and Mary have the gift of singing effortlessly over the hardest rap beats, and making them even better than some of the rappers that spit on them originally. Even though the average music fan has slept on Donell's whole catalog of music over the years, this kat has managed to stay relevant. If you don't have any Mr. Jones in your music collection, you are definitely missing out!

I have all of his albums and they are all DOPE! They all still get heavy rotation around my way. While the majority seems to prefers the Ne-Yos, Chris Browns, Dreams and Lloyds in the game right now, I'm sticking with Donelly. He's been consistent throughout his whole career, so I can't abandon that for some fly by night pop act. I'll be glad when folks finally stop sleeping on Donell Jones and start giving the man his deserved props...

Your chance is now actually. I have put together a little mixx showcasing some of Donell's joints that have those ear pleasing hip-hop grooves that we all know and love. I call it the "Donell Jonesin' Mixx" because you'll probably be jonesing for more of his music once you hear this mixx? After listening to this mixx, if you have another male candidate that deserves the King's crown, please let me know. Hit me up in the comments section or the shout box on the right and present your evidence...


01^u know what's up ft. xzibit, cuban linx, p. monch, fat joe & treach
02^you should know
03^shut you down
04^all about you
05^take it there
06^if u want (raggidy demo mix) ft. bun b
07^you didn't
08^waiting on you ft. rico love
09^when i was down
10^guru ft. donell jones - hustlin' daze
11^treat u right
12^the only one you need
13^it's alright
14^where u are
15^don't leave
16^baby it's u ft. rico love
17^i'm gonna be (remix) ft. the clipse
18^kick in the door outrolism


You can't have a King without his Queen, so if you missed it the first time around:



Nikki said...

What? No In The Hood on the list? That's the joint that kicked off his career. Nice list, by the way.

SoundNexx DJ said...

Unfortunately, I have a hard time including songs that I don't really like in my mixxes! I was never really a fan of that "In The Hood" track, even though it was his first single...

I know...I know...bad SoundNexx! :)

Thanks for stopping by...