Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lead singer of the 90s group Today is finally back at it again in 2008, and his name is Lee Drakeford a.k.a Big Bub! Not only is he considered an R&B legend by most, but also he’s one of the Godfathers of the New Jack Swing movement that reigned in the 1990s. From movie soundtracks to guest appearances, Big Bub was definitely a force to be reckoned with. It’s his powerful and distinctive voice that made him stand out of the large crowd of R&B singers saturating the music scene back in the day. Even when Bub was apart of his former group Today, you could tell that he was the real star amongst the four members. Did you even know the names of the other group members? Of course you didn’t? So, when Bub finally dropped his first solo album “Comin’ at Cha” in 1992, I wasn’t surprised. His first joint didn’t do that good unfortunately, so he vanished until 1997 when he released his second album “Timeless” out of the blue. Personally, I like his second album mainly because it featured one of my favorite Bub singles “I Want Your Love” with guest appearances from Queen Latifah and Heavy D. Three years later he released his third album “Never Too Late,” which is my favorite Big Bub solo album of all.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard or even seen Big Bub, so I figured that he finally put his microphone on the shelf. Then recently I came across some new material from the crooner entitled “Tug of War” and it’s actually a double album. Taking a page from R. Kelly’s release “Happy People/U Saved Me,” the “Tug of War” project is an R&B and Gospel album all rolled into one. As stated on Bub’s website, he was unsure whether he wanted to make one or the other, so he decided to make both. After listening to both of them, I must say that both were an entertaining listen overall. On the R&B side the vibe definitely feels like a throwback to the 90s at some points. It put me in the mindset of what R&B used to be before everything got all mixed up. The Gospel side seems more spiritual driven than preachy. Bub has taken the Strange Fruit Project approach, which works well. I encourage Big Bub fans to check out his new release when you get a chance.

Click on the link below to hear some of his new tracks:

You know I couldn't leave you hanging without sharing some of my Big Bub favorites from his past and present. Today was one of my favorite groups back in the day, so I've included them as well. This mixx is called th "Big Bub Today Mixx" and it will surely bring back some of those good old memories of the 1990s!

Bub’s Playlist:

01-Today – Why You Get Funky on Me
02-Big Bub – I Like Your Style
03-Big Bub – Whatcha Going To Do
04-Big Bub – Father’s House
05-Big Bub – Get Down
06-Today – I Got The Feeling
07-Big Bub ft. Heavy D/Queen Latifah – I Want Your Love
08-Big Bub – It Is What It Is
09-Big Bub – One Love
10-Today – Let Me Know
11-Big Bub – I Don’t Mind
12-Big Bub – Material Girl
13-Today – Self-Centered
14-Big Bub – Simon Sez
15-Big Bub – I Want U 4 Me
16-Big Bub ft. Yo-Yo/Redhead Kingpin – Touch Me


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