Monday, June 04, 2007

Honestly, there are plenty of artists in all genres of music that fall under the radar and today I want to shed a little light on one of them. If you are a fan of deep house music you actually may have heard of Peven Everett? I wouldn't be totally shocked if you haven't though! Peven incorporates a number of genres like house, jazz, hip-hop and soul together to develop his progressive sound. He was born in the suburbs of Illinois, and as a prominent instrumentalist he started out his career performing live with artists like Branford Marsalis and Winston Marsalis. That was definitely a great start, but it wasn't until he met Chicago native Roy Davis Jr. that Peven found his musical calling. Roy Davis Jr. is a Chicago house music legend around those parts, so if you didn't know you better ask somebody that knows. Talking bad about Roy in Chicago is like saying bad things about somebody's church pastor! Talking greasy about such things could getcha cut!! Peven collaborated with Roy on two of my favorite house tracks "Gabrielle" and "Watch Them Come" that definitely showcase that Chi-Town vibe. Just like most house/soul artists Peven has released several rare 12 inch records and vinyl EPs from the early days of his career. Personally, I didn't begin appreciating Peven's talent until I heard his debut album "Studio Confessions" back in 2002. Tracks like "Everyday Girl" and "Testing Me" had me wanting more. It's 2007 and Peven has five albums to date, and each one shows a side of the house singer. One thing I will say about this kat is that he remains busy making music. His latest album "Power Soul" is one of my favorites from the Peven discography. I think this album shows all of the different musical parts that makes up this artists. Maybe, this is the album that will take Peven's career to that other level??

It's mixx time SoundNexxterz! Since, I am in a house/soul state of mind I decided to post my SoundNexx Progressive Mixx for your listening pleasure. This mixx is for my deep soul, house, and club headz, so your head will definitly bobbin' the whole time? I know sometimes you feel neglected, but I got your back. With tracks from Amp Fiddler, DJ Spinna, Shaun Escoffery, Waajeed, Marvin Gaye and Rahsaan Patterson everything will be alright for sure.

I want to give a special typeout to my homegirl DJ Cent reppin' that Detroit house music hard in 2007! I see you Cent!!

Checkout DJ Cent on her myspace page:


01) The D.A.T. Project - C'mon Sweat (SoundNexx Remix)
02) Shaun Escoffery - Space Rider
03) The Rurals - Addict (B Suite Remix)
04) Jimmy Sommers feat. Rahsaan Patterson - What Am I Gonna Do (Remix)
05) Bucketheads - Time and Space
06) Moodyman feat. Amp Fiddler - I'm Doing Fine
07) Shaun Escoffery - Days Like This (DJ Spinna Remix)
08) 4 Hero feat. Bembe Segue & Kaidi Tatham - Something In The Way
09) Peven Everett - Sexy Make Up
10) Moodyman - Shades of Jae
11) Dee-Lite - Runaway Lover (Masters At Work Remix)
12) Dee-Lite - Power of Lover (Zanibar Remix)
13) Roy Ayers - Third Time (Viktor Duplaix Rework)

Also, peep Peven Everett at his myspace page:

Oh yeah, before I forget...


Also, peep a little live Peven action too...


CubikArubik said...

Lovin' it Nexx.
Linking here to a little shout out for you that I posted last year-a nice little tune by Roy Davis feat. Peven.

SoundNexx said...

@Cubik - Thanks for the shoutout even though it's about year later..LOL! Yes, that Roy and Peven is a definite classic! I wish Roy would put out some heat for the summer??

CubikArubik said...

LOL-thought I had sent it your way when I posted. :-)
Better late....
Roy and Summer-yes. I am ready for that kinda heat to get me through the Texas kind!
Be good mate.

SupremeAntBee said...

Thanks for the Mixx Nexx, they are always on point!

SoundNexx said...

@AntBee - As always thanks for coming thru my good man! I think the world needs more progressive/deep house music in 2007 to make it a better place to live?? :)

Anonymous said...

I've been an avid reader of your blog for a while now and let me tell you I love it!!! Keep it up. This is the first I'm actually making a comment. Cuz, I have to ask-that remix you did of that track "C'Mon Sweat by The D.A.T. Project" is on point. I was wondering could I get a full version of it? THX.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to leave my name.
Just call me Chuck.

You can visit me at my site:


SoundNexx said...

@Chuck - First off, thanks for coming thru the site and posting for your first time..LOL!

As far as that remix of that DAT joint goes, I created that version while I was actually mixing on the turntables! I don't actually have that version as a stand alone track, but you got me thinking I should probably start doing that? I was just having a little fun with the record by changing it up a little bit!

I looped this southern rap track called "What's Up, What's Up" and blended it with that house track.

I'll definitely checkout your site as well. Don't be a stranger...