Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Outside of music, sex, eating, sleeping, watching Soul Train re-runs and drinking Vernor's Boston Coolers on the regular, I also like electronic gadgets. After living several years in Tokyo, Japan I quickly came to the realization that nothing is impossible when it comes to ideas for electronic gadgets. It's limitless! Personally, I think that these watch/mp3 players (shown on the left) are coolidge! Having a watch/mp3 player would be perfect for someone like me, but I won't be touching this technology until it drops down to $19.99! I'm on my Informercial/As Seen On TV type ish! Anything more would be uncivilized. If anyone finds a great deal on these chumpies, be sure to let your boy know dammit! Me and my main man Discount are best friends, and if you see his girl Sale Price tell him I said, "What up!" Okay, since this is not the QVC station or The Discovery Channel, lets get into some music..."It's SoundNexx babie...!"

Since, I was in the process of uploading a couple of these joints for a couple of my peoplez, I decided to share them with you kind folks as well. Check these jointz out...

Jennifer Hudson feat. Papoose - Special: Ever since Jen-Jen made her mark in the Dream Girls flick, things have been looking up for her career. I'm not a huge fan, but I definitely like this track.

Kay feat. Sy Smith - My Story: This is some 2006 butta my dude Kay and Nicolay! This is definitely one of my favs from 2006 showcasing my gurl Sy Smith on the vocals. Good stuff!

Tiffany Paige - Sumthin: Newcomer Tiff Paige is definitely making some moves in the oh-seven! This track is a remake of the Platinum Pied Pipers classic joint "Sumthin" that is just as impressive. She just dropped a nice mixtape "Breakin Boundaries" too, so put ears on that as well.

Joe feat. Nas - Get To Know Me: Using the beat from Nasir's "You're The Man" track Joe brings a mixture hip-hop and soul to the forefront. You got to love this one just because the beat is dope! Checkout Joe's new album "Ain't Nothin Like Me" to get more flavor to savor.

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