Wednesday, June 06, 2007

There are plenty forgotten soldiers in the neo-soul music genre, but one of my personal favorites is Rahsaan Patterson. He's become a favorite just recently though. I was just like most other skeptical music fans back in 1997 when he dropped his self-titled debut album. I totally ignored it and him as well. I honestly thought he was just another "fly by night" pretender earthy type soul artist trying to capitalize on the neo-soul fad? Back then it was harder to judge quality over crap, and I wasn't into spending my hard earned greenbacks on just anything. I also ignored his second release "Love In Stereo" as well because my assumptions had not changed by that time. It wasn't until late 2000 when I finally heard the song "It's Alright Now" from that album that my eyes were opened. One of my homegirls was playing it in her car, and it was at that moment that I realized my assumptions about Mr. Patterson were incorrect. I felt like I was behind the power curve, so I went out and purchased (remember that) both of his albums. I was an immediate fan after that. Then he finally dropped his third album "After Hours" in 2004, which is definitely a solid album from beginning to end. The dude is a real talent! I recently got wind of new Rahsaan music that is about to drop real soon, so keep your ears open. If you really like soul music, it's kind of hard not to like Rahsaan Patterson, so do yourself a favor and check him out if you haven't already! I put one of his songs on this "Soulfull Afair Mixx" just in case your ears have never experience the Rahsaan Patterson movement before...

It's mixx time again soul music lovers, so add this one to my score for the iPOD King Award. The champ is here! I named this mixx a "Soulfull Afair" because I expect after you hear it you will probably end up cheating on your other music by continuously playing this one for weeks to come? I will admit that I have been fooling around with this mixx for a minute now, and my other songs are getting suspiciously jealous, but I can't help myself. I think I'm in love! Nah, let me just stop being serious dammit....


01^Musiq Soulchild - Rewind
02^Erro - Right or Wrong
03^Rashad - The Seed
04^Andreus - Mary Ann
05^Jay Electronica - Hard To Get
06^Stephan Segolsson - It's Over
07^Monica Blaire - One and Only
08^W. Ellington Felton feat. Kronkite & Sy Smith - Three Sides
09^Carl Thomas feat. E-40 - Late Night Rendevous
10^Zo - Time Table
11^Koffee Brown - Qualified
12^Avila Brothers - I Want You
13^Rahsaan Patterson - Sometimes (You Gotta Let Go)/Reprise
14^V - Sister Brother
15^Dwele - Affinity (Snappy Remix)
16^Beyonce - My First Time


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Brick Cheney said...

SoundNexx, thanks for keep me abreast of the wonderful unknown soul artists. Another great mixx for the record!!