Monday, June 18, 2007

For the last few weeks, I have made it my bidness to catch the classic re-runs of the Soul Train dance show that comes on here every Saturday afternoon! I am definitely a vintage Soul Train addict now! Other than watching some of my favorite 70s and 80s soul artists perform my favorite jamz in their prime, it's pure comedy watching the people dance. The outfits alone can keep me laughing for the whole episode, but the dances are definitely the most entertaining part in my opinion! Watching some dude dressed in a plaid one piece jumper with no shirt on and a poka-dot bowtie is one thing, but seeing him do the splits better than is girl is another? Dudes jumping around in their blouse like shirts with knots neatly tied in the front seem a little suspect? I definitely understand these vintage shows are from the 70s and 80s, but I think even back then most dudes weren't dressing like out here anyway. Soul Train was recorded in California, so fashion was probably a little more liberal out that way? Another thing I like about he vintage Soul Train shows is that it was couple driven. Momma and daddy would be at the pad practicing some new dance moves, buy a new matching outfit and finally get they're boogie on in front of the tv cameras for all the world to see. Unlike the newer version of the show, folks on the classic joints really seemed like they were having fun! That's what the vibe was all about back in the day, and you can definitely feel it in some of the music from that timeframe.

To pay homage to Don Cornelius (Soul Train host) and all of the folks that love the music from the 70s and 80s, I have put together a little compilation/mixx of soul tracks from that time. Watching those vintage shows made me remember some of the great tracks I had forgotten about over years. So, old heads reminisce while listening to these tracks and all the youngsters get familiar. Also, some of these tracks are original samples of some of your favorite R&B/hip-hop tracks, so listen closely and hear if you can figure out what songs they are from. So, on that note...SoundNexx bids you LOVE, PEACE AND SOUL!!

Checkout some of these vintage Soul Train clips before you depart:


01~90% of Me Is U - Gwen McCrae
02~Oceans of Thoughts and Dreams - The Dramatics
03~Nights of Pleasure - Loose Ends
04~Moon Child - Rick James
05~Let's Do It Again - Staple Singers
06~Curious - Midnight Star
07~When Love Calls - Alantic Starr
08~Give Me The Night - George Benson
09~Risin' To The Top - Keni Burke
10~Golden Lady - Stevie Wonder
11~Hangin' On A String (Contemplating) - Loose Ends
12~Open Your Eyes - Bobby Caldwell
13~Back Together Again - Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway
14~Love Will Find A Way - Lionel Richie
15~Valentine Love (Slow Remix) - Norman Conners & Michael Henderson
16~Come Live With Me Angel - Marvin Gaye



LL(not the rappa) said...

LOL...classic!...aww soul train,havent seen an episode of soul train in forever......throwback: check out an old fresh prince episode of when they were on soul train!..funny! the music!

SoundNexx said...

@LL - Soul Train used to be the shyt back in day! Even though they were dressed a lil' fruity, they all seemed like they were having fun! I do remember that Fresh Prince episode too!

green eyes said...

HOT MIX!!!! Imgoing to play this a lot Mr Jamz

Scoop22 said...

Nexx...this mix is real nice! My mp3 player is very happy now.
Good stuff!

Bruhdaman said...

I'm really enjoying this old school music! Great blog by the way!

Netm8kr said...

Damn, you really are the ipod king huh. Either you have a warehouse full of records. Or your like me with a $hitload of mp3s.. Keep it soulful & funky bruh...