Sunday, June 24, 2007

With Global Warming reigning havoc on the world in the new millennium, it's pretty hard to tell exactly what season it's supposed to be just judging by the weather alone? According to the calendar it's Summertime folks! That means school is out (for the smart kids anyway) and there should be somebody BBQ'n every weekend somewhere in your neighborhood for the next two months? Personally, I'm not a barbequer, I just eat a lot! With all of the cooking that's usually going on during the Summer season, somebody has to help out with the eating part to prevent any grub from going to waste. If you didn't know, throwing away good food is a definite sin? Outside of the backyard BBQs, urban festivals at Hart Plaza and riding several rollercoasters at Cedar Point, my favorite part of Summer is checking out the skimpy gear that the women will be wearing! It's just something about the Summer that makes some women feel like they can wear anything outside, no matter how jacked up their bodies are? That's why I love black women especially, because a lot of them just don't give an enthusiastic phuck about what you think! The level of sheer confidence that some of them have in their revealing dress and appearance is breathtaking sometimes!

I must admit that some women know how to totally emabarrass themselves and everyone around them when they come outside looking like scorching mess during the Summer months! First of all, ladies please step your hygiene game way up dammit! That means stop taking "Ho Baths" at the sink, and jump in the shower daily to make sure that all body crevices are given their proper attention. It's too damn hot to be cuttin' corners ladies. Also, remove ALL hair that is not located on the top of your head! You may have gotten away with not waxing during the winter months, but in the Summer it's very necessary. A summer dress with hairy underarms is not a good look! An excuse me for being naive, but I thought when your gut was bigger than your breast you would try to keep it covered up? Ummm...NO! Here's a tip...if the only CRUNCH you know about is Nestle's, I'd suggest that you stay away from two piece bikinis and half shirts? That would be the right thing to do I guess, but if the ladies did that I wouldn't be able to laugh as hard as I do! People watching is definitely a favorite summertime hobby of mines. Wifey and I love to kopp-a-sqwat in a public place and get our laugh on for real. Pure comedy ladies and gentlemen, plus it's FREE! So to all of you big gut exposin', dusty weave wearin', no mustache shavin', camel toe havin', crunchy feet walkin' ladies from around the way, I want to thank you personally for the laughs you've provided me over the years. With laughter being considered the oldest fountain of youth known to man, I'll be around a long time all because you wonderful folks. The world is a better place because you are here. Keep doing your thang ladies, and I'll keep doing mines! That's all I have to say about that...

What's Summer without some good music? Hell, what's any season without good music actually?? Today, I bring you the "SoundNexx Hott Summa Mixx" full of some of my favorite Summer tunes that I think capture the perfect vibe. I must state that some of these tracks were added to this mix by personal requests, so since I am a kind and giving kneegrow I decided to include them as well. I may not love all of these tracks personally, but hopefully you will? The catch to this mixx is that every song had to have the words "SUN" or "SUMMER" in the title somewhere to be included! Since, there were plenty of perfect summer tracks that were missed this time around, I will probably do a part two of this mixx to share those with you as well. Until then, put your ears on this one.


01+Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime (Yam Who Remix)
02+R. Kelly feat. Aaliyah - Summer Bunnies (Remix)
03+M. Doc feat. Chantay Savage - It's A Summer Thang (Gangsta Remix)
04+Exile feat. Jontel - Summer In L.A.
05+Leo's Sunshine - Give Me The Sunshine
06+Roy Ayers feat. Erykah Badu - Everyone Loves The Sunshine
07+Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness
08+Smokey Robinson - Cruisin' (Sunny Drive Mix)
09+213 feat. Latoiya Williams - Another Summer
10+Adriana Evans - In The Sun
11+Mos Def - Summertime
12+Sunshine Anderson - A Little Sunshine
13+Yvette Michele - Summer Love
14+Lil' Flip feat. Lea - Sunshine (Kingpin Remix)
15+Quincy Jones - Summer In The City
16+Isley Brothers feat. D-NAT, Onda & Esthero - Summer Breeze (Re-Edit)
17+Bonus Track


Also, I had a request to re-up my electronic-soul "Breezin' Summer Mixx" that I posted about a year ago, so that one is available here:



LL(not the rappa) said...

Awww.....luving the playlist Jamz!...and wow, those gurls need to go hide somewhere,eww.

THE-XFACTA said...

Yo the playlist is bangin... big ups!

Lass Blackman said...

Dayum Nexx, you killed that shyt when you dropped the original Summertime track at the end of this mixx!! I didn't even know that u had that on there..LOL!

Summer is official now!

Anonymous said...

hey man, could you upload this mix again? it would be crazy if you did. thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow WOW! where did you find that sunshine kingpin remix?! i've been trying to find that for the longest time ever! would it be cool with you to upload it in zshare?! my e-mail adress is if you would like to e-mail the link. thanks!!