Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Over the last few months the newcomer Chrisette Michele Payne has been creating a strong buzz for herself. If you don't know who she is by now, you must not have heard the most recent Jay-Z and Nas albums? Def Jam new that they stumbled up on a upcoming superstar with Ms. Michele, so she was given the star treatment on her first time out by working with those two legendary emcees. I would say that's a great start to an upcoming music career. Outside of the music career taking off, Chrisette's physical look has changed a lot too. When I first did a post about her a few months ago, she was rocking the bleached blonde mini-afro look while she sported the around-the-way urban gear. You know the jeans and t-shirt vibe. Now, she has gotten her a Beyonce wig, plenty of Mac make-up and some more feminine type clothing to bring her polished look together. I will admit that she is looking pretty hot and tempting these days! Good work Def Jam. In the music business these days, there are all kinds of fine women holding a microphone, but only a few of them can actually sing. Chrisette Michele is one of them! Not only can she sang, but her unique sound has that old school jazz singer feel to it as well, which is definitely missing in 2007. She's reminds me of a young Nancy Wilson or Ella Fitzgerald, which is high praise by any standards!

Now, that all of the Chrisette Michele hype is behind her, it's definitely time for her to show and prove with her upcoming debut album "I Am" that will hopefully see the light of day on June 19th? I actually applaud Def Jam for putting out her album so fast. She could have easily been shelved like so many other great artists in the past. I have put ears on few of the "I Am" tracks and they sound pretty good overall! The tracks I've heard from the album had a mature sound to them, which I was very pleased to hear. None of that bubblegum/babydaddy drama stuff that seems to be dominating the airwaves these days. It's refreshing actually. Don't just take my word for it though. Checkout a few cuts for yourself, and if you are diggin' them show some support by purchasing her album when it drops.

Listen to Chrisette Michele Songs Here

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Chrisette Michele's Official Web Site

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911 said...

She's on radar...sultry and soulful. Link up bro. You're added.

green eyes said...

ive been hearing crazy buzz about her as well.. hopefully this'll signal a shift back towards more organic and true talent. (hey a girl can hope)

LL(not the rappa) said...

great post jamz!....luv mis chrissette...her old-school sound is refreshing.