Thursday, June 28, 2007

Have you ever been listening to an old hip-hop cassette or CD that you may have made or purchased back in the day, and heard some forgotten dope rapper that has been missing in action for a minute? Personally, I do that shyt all of the time! I was going through my crates of CDs the other day, and I came across a cassette that I made back in the golden era of the mid-nineties just full of hot, but forgotten hip-hop tracks. Artists like Paula Perry, Nine, King Just, Ill Al Scratch, Royal Flush, Sunz of Man, Brotherhood Creed, Souls of Mischief and many others began blaring through my speakers. Sometimes, I wonder where some of these katz are today, and why the hell they only released limited albums or just a couple of singles to hype us up, only to never be heard from again? How come the dope rappers seem to fade away, but the lame rappers keep making music forever and ever?

Outside of Canibus, one of my favorite up and coming rappers from the Golden Era that never saw their full potential was Sauce Money! In the 90s there were plenty of dope fat rappers to choose from like Heavy D, Biggie, 8-Ball, Chubb Rock and Fat Joe, but Sauce was actually one of my favorites. Sauce had plenty of serious mixtape freestyle moments that got his street buzz going, but it just never formed into a worthy music career. Some critics and fans alike feel that he closed the door on his future when he declined to sign with Roc-A-Fella Record Label in its infant stages like his longtime friend Jay-Z? No feeling comfortable working under Dame Dash, Sauce Money decided to remain independent. When he finally released his debut album "Middle Finger U" in 1997, his mixtape buzz had died. The few of us left that even cared enough to buy his album were greatly disappointed with the unfocused vibe and overall poor production. I didn't hate the album, but I definitely didn't love it either! Damn, I hate when that happens! Other than a few featured guest spots here and there over the years, Sauce Money has pretty much vanished from the rap game. Hopefully, one day Mr. Money will try to make a comeback, and finally deliver the album that his fans truly deserve??? Don't cross your toes on that really happening though!

Aight pay homage to some of my favorite rappers and tracks that have definitely been missing in action for awhile. Where are these katz and why haven't we heard from them in a years? Are they dead, hospitalized or being held hotsausaged...I don't know, so I have put together a Hip-Hop Amber Alert Mixx to get folks asking questions about and checking around for these katz once again. Remember some of these artists??

Hip-Hop Amber Alert Tracklisting:

01-Da Bush Babees - We Run Things [It's Like Dat]

02-Cella Dwellas - Main Aim

03-King Just - No Flows On The Rodeo

04-Bad Seed - Uhhnnh

05-Magnum Opus - Magnum Opus

06-Rampage feat. Busta - Wild For Da Night

07-Grand Puba - 360 [What Goest Around]

08-Sauce Money - Against The Grain

09-Group Home - Supastar

10-Chino XL feat. Saafir - How It Goes Down

11-La The Darkman - City Lights

12-Artifacts - Who I Am

13-Truth Enola feat. De La Soul - Voicestress

14-Saukrates - Comin Up

15-Phife Dawg - Flawless

16-Young Zee feat. Busta Rhymes & KRS-1 - Milk [People Call Me]

17-Ali Vegas - The Specialist

18-Jeru feat. Afu-ra - East N.Y. Stamp



Budda said...

Yo SoundNexx, this is my first official comment on here, but I have been following your blog for several months now. I enjoy the writing and the music, so keep up the good work!

This post is hot! U brought back some of the best joints from the 90s on this mix. King Just was a fav of mines back in the day. Thanks for the memories.

Vincent K said...

This mixx is tight! Bush Babees are the truth!!!!!

LL(not the rappa) said...

Good Post jamz!..and finally it works! remember Grand Puba....nice waay to bring us back. :)

911 said...

What qualifies as a soundnexx?

SoundNexx said...

@Budda - I actually thought King Just was going to be a staple in the hiphop movement back then. He just vanished like the ghost from Christmas past though?

@Vincent - That Bush Babees track is still gets me hype when I hear it! The message behind the record was what I liked most. It's still pretty relevant in 2007 actually!

@LL - Puba was ahead of his time IMO! Lyrically...he was one of the best as a solo artist, but his work with Brand Nubian is what most people remember him for. I hope he decides to drop another solo joint one day?

@911 - SoundNexx is anything musically that takes sound to the nexx level. Sound innovation with beats, melodies and rhymes.

Mr.O said...

Sauce Money was unable to write a song, Jay-Z and a few others use to clown him because he took so long to write a hot 16. There is video footage of this but I'm not bored enough to look for it.

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Mr. O - I actually remember hearing the same thing actually. Seems like Sauce was an inconsistant artist though. He could be great at moments, and then hot trash at others. Even on his bad days though, I think he'd outshine most of these clowns rapping in 2007!