Saturday, August 28, 2010

THIS THAT B-BOY SERTIFIED!Hip-Hop is in the blogsphere, and it's time to showcase some of my favorite talent on the grind. Like what you are hearing? Get your 'Google on' for the research and make some financial contributions to these artists working hard to put these records together. This joint is "B-Boy Sertified" so hip-hop heads check for it.

The Ear Snacks: 1=Kankick-Herb Hintro 2=MED+Talib-Classic 3=Exile-Mega Mix 4=TrekLife+Olivier-Everything Change 5=Promise-The Bridge 6=Drake/TI-Fancy 7=VonPea+Lessondary-Faded 8=Rhymefest+Saigon/ADaD-Give It To Me 9=Roots-Hustla 10=Donwill-Leading Lady 11=John Robinson-The Visionary 12=Fred Joachim-That's Life 13=Kanye/Be/Unc Charley-See Me Know 14=Slum Village+Dwele-Don't Fight The Feeling 15=Rakaa+KRS One-Human Nature 16=Von Pea-Cantstandya 17=Joel Ortiz-Freestyle 18=Ras Kass-Scenario 2012 19=Blacksheep+Jean Grae-Party Tonight 20=The Hrsmn-This Sh*t Right Here 21=8thW1-Be On You

Here's a couple videos b4 you exit stage right:

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