Monday, August 02, 2010

OPEN HOUSE GROOVS MIXX!All house music lovers unite! I am a huge fan of soulful house music; however, I don't make many mixxes showcasing that genre. I get at least 3 emails a month asking when I plan on dropping another house mixx. Truthfully, it is difficult for me to find the kind of house that I like these days. I prefer the older deep house stylings of kats like DJ Spinna, Men At Work, Roy Davis Jr., etc. A lot of the newer stuff sounds more like techno music, which is alright, but it's not my preference. Fortunately, I was able to pull together a group of select tracks from the past, present and near future that definitely developed into a hot compilation!
I call this joint the "OpenHouseGroovs" mixx, because I want the listeners to remain open minded while this one is playing. Open yourself up and ingest these groovy house vibes. Rock in your chair. Get up and dance. Pump your fists. Get your house on!

Remember, this "Good Life" track by Inner City!


SoundNexx DJ said...

Open Playlist:
The Rurals - Strange Ways
Common - Go (Casa House Mix)
Latasha Spencer - Free (Tee's Freeze Mix)
The Rurals - River
M.A.W. ft. India - Can't Get No Sleep (12" Mix)
Angela Johnson - Better (Mickey More Classic Mix)
Penner & Muder - Across My Heart
Sublevel ft. Donnell Rush - Time To Celebrate
Julie Dexter - The Dove (Jiva Remix)
Erykah Badu - Bag Lady (Miguel Migs Mix)
Lil Louis ft. Tammy - Love Is
Eric Roberson - Rock Wit U (Yoruba Remix)
Jesse Boykins - Itis (Applejac Mix)
Ananda Project - Over & Over Again
Janet - Make Me (Rosario Mix)
Lil' Louis ft. Denise - Fable
Usher - OMG (R. Star Remix)
Yosaka - Mirandolina

kiminthemix said...

the link for this dosent work, thanks - Kim

SoundNexx DJ said...

Hey Kim, I updated this link and posted on the right of the main page. Here it is: