Saturday, August 07, 2010

Soul Brother #2 (James Brown is Soul Brother #1) is about to drop another album on September 14th. His name is Bilal, and when he releases new music you can expect it to be tight. Airtight in fact! His last album was leaked and bootlegged so much that it was never officially released. Fans ravaged that unmastered and incomplete musical treasure all over th Internet. When fans are deprived that is what happens. I expect the same thing will happen if and when D'Angelo finally decides to release some new material. True music lovers are like drug addicts, and when they get wind of some new goodies, nothing will stop them. They'll beg, plead, pay outrageous prices, borrow, fight, sometimes steal to get that music. Fortunately, Bilal fans will not have to do any of that. We only have a few weeks to go before "Airtight's Revenge" hits the streets, so mark your calendars.

Until then, here's a little ear snack until the full meal is ready:

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