Sunday, August 01, 2010

Remember, the underground producer,DJ and rapper Exile from California? How about the group Emanon where Exile was the DJ for rapper/singer Aloe Blacc? This is the kat that dropped the dope album "Dirty Science" back in 2006! If none of that is ringing any bells, then you probably don't know Exile, so here is your chance to get familiar. He's worked with artists like Ghostface Killa, Blu, Mobb Deep, Jurassic 5 and many others. Exile's production style can't really be discribed in one or two words. His music strips your listening abilities down and mangles your previous comprehension of what beats should sound like. It's the type of musical journey you would expect from producers like El-p and Flying Lotus. That's definitely a complement coming from me. It may sound like noise at first to new listeners, but just keep listening and you may find the dopeness you seek!

Exile just released a new album entitled "AM/FM" for the fans, which is a compilation full of hot remixes. He was generous enough to provide some of the remixes that didn't make the album, which he calls "Radio Exile Bonus" available for download here: DIRTYSCIENCE BANDCAMP

Don't hesitate to grab both the "AM/FM" and "Radio Exile Bonus" joints!

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