Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I consider myself a fan of all types of jazz, but there are only a few artists from today's list that I stop what I am doing to pay attention. The female jazz musicians that tops my list is definitely Esperanza Spalding! She's dope in so many ways that I won't bother trying to explain them all. Her stage presence is overwhelming and her skills on the bass are effortless. Esperanza's voice just brings everything together with a strong, but smooth quality that I consider hypnotic. Watching her live is amazing! I remember channel surfing one late Saturday night last year, and I was lucky enough to catch a live performance of hers in Central Park (located in Manhattan, NY). That was one of the best live musical performances I've watched on television.

Anyway, Esperanza is about to release her third album "Chamber Music Society" on August 17, 2010. The new album is a mixture funk, soul, acoustic, classical and jazz. Even if you just think you like jazz, I would suggest you take a listen some of Esperanza's music. You just might like it.

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