Saturday, August 22, 2009

So called 'comebacks' are very common in hip-hop music, but many of those attempts fall on deaf ears. In most cases the artists themselves have not change, but the music is changing all the time, leaving them sounding dated. To add insult to injury, their past fans have usually forgotten about them and could care less about their return. Well, not matter how you feel about he news, veteran emcees Keith Murray and Canibus have team up for their return as a hip-hop duo. They call themselves The Undergods. In their prime these two emcees could easily rip the average rapper or track to shreds. Is that still the case in 2009?

There have been a couple of leaked tracks floating around on the Internet from their upcoming collabo project. I won't bother sharing my feelings about the new tracks just yet, because I want you to form your own opinions. So, with that being said, put ears on the track "Show & Prove" featuring Crooked I and hear what you think...

Show & Prove

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