Sunday, August 02, 2009


Let me be clear, this post is NOT about Orenthal James “OJ” Simpson the troublesome football legend. This post is strictly hip-hop! OJ Simpson is a rap force consisting of Detroit emcee Guilty Simpson and the legendary super-producer Madlib. I love the group’s name. Madlib’s government name is Otis Jackson Jr. (OJ) and I think you can figure out how the second part came about. I’m trying to remain unbiased (even though I am) as I discuss this group because I’m a huge stan of both artists. Honestly, for fans of real hip-hop music this is a match made in Heaven. Why? Because not every emcee can do a Madlib beat justice. His unorthodox use of obscure music samples and changing beat counts leaves many rappers tongue-tied. However, Guilty Simpson’s rhyme flow sounds natural and effortless over Madlib’s production. Remember, how lovely Guru and CL sounded over many DJ Premier and Pete Rock beats? It’s a chemistry that not many emcee/producer duos have attained. OJ Simpson is not one of them.

Stones Throw has provided us with OJ Simpson’s first 12” release for the track “Coroner’s Music” as an appetizer prior to the release of the album this Fall!

Want to hear it, here it go:

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