Sunday, August 16, 2009

I think the music world needs more reggae in 2009 and beyond. Personally, I miss it! Remember, when reggae music went totally mainstream in the 1990s? Reggae artists like Supercat, Maxi Priest, Shabba Ranks, Mad Cobra, Patra, Shaggy, etc. could be heard everywhere from the clubs to urban radio. However, over the last decade the reggae fever of yester-year has become non-existant. Most of the artists mentioned above have been forgotten by the masses. Fortunately, reggae music veterans Sly & Robbie are back in 2009 to hopefully save the day. They have a new album entitled "J Paradise" that will be released on August 18th. Female vocalist Unitzz is providing the beautiful vocals throughout the collaboration album. The combination of Sly & Robbie's production and Unitzz vocals reminds me of lounging in a tropical paradise sipping on a cool drink.

Put ears on to the track "Automatic" and listen for yourself:

If you are a fan of that smooth reggae sound, I think you should give this album a listen.

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