Friday, August 21, 2009

Vanglorious! I just finished listening to some old X-Clan joints. Remember that group? Actually, they still sound pretty good even in 2009. Too bad all rap music can't last the test of time in the same way. Obviously, all of the vintage De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest albums still sounds pretty damn good even by any standard, but most don't come close to those groups. Fortunately, most quality soul music maintains its worth very well in my personal opinion. That's why I still replay R&B tracks that came out back in the 1980s like they just dropped last week. Go put on anyone of Loose End's albums and hear what I mean. If you don't have any Loose End's in your personal music collection, get some immediately. That's an order!

Ready for some soul music? Good, because I have some goodies that should make your ears very happy. It's a mixx of course, and I call it "Soul La Vie" because it sounds catchly-cool! Check it out when time allows...

Soul Track list:

01-Hornee Intro
02-Reggie B ft. Daru – Bring You Down
03-Moon Baker – Stay
04-Lizz Fields – Say The Word
05-Usher ft. Method Man/Blu Cantrell – U Remind Me (remix)
06-Jason Simmons ft. Slakah – It’s All Good
07-Erykah Badu – Back In The Day (Live)
08-Erro – Power That Kisses Hold
09-Geology – Funky 4 U
10-Van Hunt – NEthing2getura10chin
11-Usher – Be
12-Ananda Diva – Heart Strings
13-Tweet – Small Change
14-Innosphere – Gotta Be Me
15-Ledisi – Everything Changes
16-Sa-Ra – I Swear
17-Daru – Hold On
18-Clipse ft. Pharrell – I’m Good
19-Darnell Levine – First Impression
20-Bahamadia ft. T3 – 4 Teen (Funky 4 U)
21-Muhsinah – Gogh (Daru remix)


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