Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is actually my second post promoting my dude Eric "Erro" Roberson's upcoming album "Music Fan First" on my blog. I normally don't dedicate two posts for the same album of any one artist because there is so much music that deserves to be showcased. However, Erro is an exception because he puts his heart and soul into every album that he makes. Plus, his independent promotion game is unmatched. The man has built his worldwide fan following with hard work and great music. To show his appreciation for all of the support over the years, Erro has dedicated his latest project to his fans. After hearing a few of the new tracks, I am convinced that this album is going to be a banger for sure! I still keep his last album "Left" in rotation like I just purchased it. So, I am pretty hyped about getting my hands on "Music Fan First" on August 25th. If you go to his blog you can checkout his daily video countdown he will post until the album is officially released.

Just to wet your music appetite, check out this video snippet from Erro:

Head over to and pre-order an autographed copy of the Erro's new album.

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