Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Queen is back! I consider Queen Latifah the true Queen of Hip-Hop. Her talent, style and longevity in the game has earned her the type of respect that most never attain. Even though Latifah has ventured into other arenas of entertainment like TV show, commercials and movies, she hasn't forgotten her roots. I have been down with Queen since the days of The 45 King and the wrath of her madness. However, over the years Queen has grown as a person and as an artist. Her musical sound no longer has that hardcore street appeal of her youth. She's no longer considered just a rapper, but an evolved artist with many different styles and talents. Her new album "Persona" showcases less of the emcee and more of the alternative singing and rock vibes. Don't look for any of those jazzy ballads found on her last project because you won't find them here.

The well respected producing team known as Cool & Dre provided the beats for 80 percent of the album, with two contributions from The Neptunes and Skitz. Guest appearances include Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes, Shawn Stockman, Marsha Ambrosious and Missy Elliot.

Put ears on the Queen and Missy collabo called "Fast Car" below:


Now, go get the album and show Queen Latifah some love and support!

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