Saturday, August 09, 2008

I bet when many of you half blind blog surfers first read the title of this post, you thought it said S.W.V. (Sistas With Voices), right? Wrooonnng? It's S.M.V., which is a super jazz group consisting of Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victer Wooten. For all you non-jazz lovin'/out of touch youngsters out there that don't have a clue, these kats are the Dream Team of bass players. Imagine Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant all playing on the same basketball team. That's how super this jazz group is! These musicians are all serious bass players that have lucrative solo careers, but they decided to do this project for the funk of it. It was at a jam session after an award show that put this collaboration in their minds. Lucky for us they were able to pull this "Thunder" project off lovely.

Real jazz is mood music that can have a calming sensation like no other genre. This is not that elevator type smoove jazz that a lot of you are familiar with, but more like deep soulful jazz that you need. SMV is filled with dope technique and talent that shouldn't be just heard, but appreciated as well. It is important you realize that you are listening to historical greatness no matter whether you dig their sound or not. Remember, this is not that fast food/Kenny G type jazz, so it may take a few listens to eargest what is being heard. Don't gulp, sip it slowly...

Check out this track for a little of their flavor:

SMV - Tutu

The new album drops on August 12, 2008, so strengthen your music collection by picking it up.

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