Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Damn, did anybody realize that R&B crooner Joe was back at it once again for 2008? Joe is like comfort food for seasoned soul music fans. Who hasn't enjoyed several of his tracks over the years, right? Have you ever wondered why Joe's musical career never really took off like it should have? Well, recently Joe did conducted an interview with EUR's Lee Bailey, and revealed some very disturbing information. After 11 years, Joe left Jive Records, and right after his departure he found out that his label mate R. "Pee" Kelly had been sabotaging his career behind the scenes. Can you believe that R. Kelly's jealous ass would actually tell radio stations and label executives to stop pushing Joe's music because he was getting too hot! Kelly was basically stalling Joe's career because he thought should be the one getting the attention. That's a sucker's move right there! Ya'll remember when Robert Kelly used to really sing R&B?

Joe finally got wise and now he's independent. His new album entitled "New Man" hits the streets on September 22, 2008!

Hear a new Joe track by clicking over there ----> Emergency Room

Then check out a couple of my favorite Joe joints, video style!

Joe - The Love Scene
Joe - Lets Stay Home Tonight
Support Joe in his new venture as an independent artist!!


kurt GoBang da2nd said...

whuddup soundnexx!

quick question: what do you think of folks feeling that joe is a cornball? i mean, from the interviews i've seen/heard, he's usually not the most interesting cat to interview, so i'm not just going by what i hear/read from other folk. there's a difference between being someone who is somewhat reserved/introverted/kinda quiet, whatever (which is how he is sometimes). but other times (depending on what show he's on), dude tries to play the cool cat/mr pimpilicious role (a corny version, at that). my thing is, fans notice these things and either they don't care or they'll call you on it, especially if they happen to be someone in the media. IMO i can care less at this point (despite having seen him do the "flip-switch" but not caring as long as he's putting out good music). i'm just curious as to how you see it...

SoundNexx DJ said...

Truthfully, I have never really paid attention to Joe for anything other than his music. I have never seen his interviews. Joe might be a cornball, but if he makes a hot record I could care less. I don't like all of Joe's music, but he has some joints that I enjoy. If the fans truly got to know most of the artists that we like personally, I bet the majority of them would be corny! That's why the less I REALLY know about an artist, the better...