Monday, August 11, 2008

Sometimes, I discover new artists by mistake. I guess it's more like an accident actually. Take new comer soul singer Noel Gourdin for example. I heard his debut single "The River" the very first time on
The Steve Harvey Morning Show of all places. This was a few months ago. I had never heard of the dude at that time, but Steve Harvey was praising this song to no end. Almost to the point where it was getting on my nerves dammit! Regardless, I paid the song no further mind because the song didn't move me like that. When I finally got my ears some other tracks from Noel's debut album, and I dug what I heard. This kat is pretty good with the vocals, plus he doesn't over do it. I hate them over-singing suckaz for real. I would name a couple for you, but they might be reading this?

Noel's album entitled "After My Time" is hot to say the least. Not only are the vocals on point, but I am loving the production with duties being handled by Kay Gee, Raphael Saadiq and Eddie F just to name a few. Where the hell has Eddie F been for the last decade? Anyway, this album has a nice mixture of hip-hop and old school soul vibes to keep your head nodding. If you enjoy soul artists like Anthony David, Carl Thomas and Joe, you should definitely give Noel's album a definite listen.

You've already heard a song from Mr. Gourdin if you've downloaded my latest mixx like a good visitor should.

Check this video clip out and hear for yourselves:

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Then check out this dude's site for some more earful goodies:

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Anonymous said...

When I first heard Noel's song, "The River", I was like, "Okay, but that's probably all he has." After listening to his entire cd, I was hooked! He has a smooth, soulful voice. Almost reminiscent of Cuba Gooding, Sr. when he was The Main Ingredient.

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Nikki - Yes, he does have a little of that Cuba flavor! I didn't even think about that...