Saturday, August 23, 2008

When it comes to “His Royal Badness” a.k.a. Prince, there is not much let to say about his genius that hasn’t already been said several times before. Personally, Prince and his music have literally been apart of my life since I can remember. Over the decades his music has become comfort food to my ears. When all else fails I can put on some Prince and the music world seems like a better place. No matter how many years go by, there are certain songs from Prince’s enormous catalog that seems to never age. Each spin of those records sound just as good as the last. There are not many artists that have those types of timeless recordings. It amazes me how Prince remained relevant after all of these years even though he’s shied away from the media spotlight the majority of his career. His personal life has remained a closed door to the masses pretty much, and instead of that being turn off it has somehow enhanced his appeal. One could assume that mystery is a large apart of his appeal. The less folks know about the man the more interested they are. In recent years Prince has opened up a little more through media interviews, but he still remains incog-negroe for the most part. Regardless, his influence on younger artists doing music today is undeniable. When I listen to artists like Sa-Ra, Janelle Monae, J-Davey, Platinum Pied Pipers, Olivier Daysoul, Alicia Keys, Gnarls Barkley and Andre 3000, I can really feel his presence.

Recently, I read an interesting article about “His Royal Badness!” The article was actually discussing the red carpet events that go on before and after the major award shows. There was an in-depth discussion about this one particular event where celebrities get to go prior the event to get very expensive good for free. It’s basically a free shopping spree for the celebrities. I’m not talking about free hats, wristbands and keychain type junk either. Nope. It’s good stuff like diamond necklaces, expensive purses, high-end cellular phones, family vacations and overpriced shoes. Talk about the rich getting richer! Anyway, Prince was at one of these events recently and he would not enter the venue unless a few of his demands were properly executed first. Prince requested that he shop alone, so all the other celebrities in the venue would have to leave and no paparazzi were allowed inside. The staff members working at the event where the merchandise was being distributed were not allowed to converse with him at all, and the lights had to be turned down to a dim. Only a legend like Prince or Michael Jackson could requests some sh*t like that, and even though his demands were selfish they did it anyway. Why? Because he’s PRINCE dammit…that’s why!

So, on that note let’s get into some music…

I have put together a Prince mixx for your eartertainment. I didn’t use the typical Prince joints that most like the spin while paying homage. I decided to showcase songs that are not as popular to the masses, but are still considered some of my personal favorites. Take a listen and hear what you think…

The Royal Play List:

02*Girls & Boys
03*I Wanna Be Your Lover
04*Sexy Dancer
06*Erotic City
08*Dirty Mind
10*Irresistible Bitch
12*Lady Cab Driver
13*17 Days
14*Soft & Wet
16*Paisley Park
17*She’s Always In My Hair
19*It’s Gonna Be Lonely


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Please make a Royal Influence mix of the aforementioned artists.