Sunday, August 12, 2007

No matter how good life may seem at times, there is always something that will eventually happen to mess things up. Life's problems can take any shape or form like overdue bills, car problems, venereal disease, losing your job, relationship issues, athelete's foot, jock itch, etc. Sometimes, there's a quick remedy to the problem like hitting the lottery or a large tube of medicated ointment, but in most cases we end up struggling with the problem(s) longer then we really want to. You may not want to talk about your problems with anyone, but you still need a way to release. Music has always been a great outlet for me during troubling times. No, music won't cure jock itch, but it just may make you feel better while you scratch? By the way, if you are over the age of 10 and you still have jock itch issues, try washing your ass more often and see if that helps? A hot-wet rag ain't never hurt anybody...

As I was saying...there always seems to be a song that hits home with a message that's perfect for what I may need to hear at a particular moment. Most of the time I feel better after listening to some great tunes, so I decided to put together a mixx that highlights some tracks that I enjoy. This mixx is on the positive tip, so be prepared for an uplifting experience. Many of these songs have risen my spirits when life was pissing in my Apple Jacks, so maybe they can do the same for you? Even if your life is a warm home made brownie with a nice scoop of Haagen Daz vanilla bean ice cream on top right now, this music is still soulfully good, so listen anyway...


01>anthony hamilton - why
02>melo - scratch my back
03>amp fiddler feat. stephanie mckay - heaven
04>wayna - doubting destiny
05>hezekiah feat. bilal - keep looking up remix
06>kindred the family soul feat. india arie - struggle no more
07>raheem devaughn - green leaves
08>d'angelo - i found my smile again
09>joy denalane feat. lupe fiasco - change
10>donnie - 911
11>sergio mendes feat. justin timberlake, p. monch & - loose ends
12>bilal salaam - heaven
13>carmen rodgers - just believe
14>hill st. soul - feel good factor
15>conya doss - find a way
16>choklate - bigger than you
17>aquila - life
18>myron - free
19>jon b feat. scarface - thru the fire


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Cherrie-pye said...

I love these artists. Thanks so much for this mixx! I love this site!!!!!!!