Monday, August 06, 2007


Before I saw this recent episode of MTV Cribs, I thought that the Birdman a.k.a Baby (Rapper/CEO of Cash Money Records) held the title for the most embarrassing black moment on the show, but I think Floyd Mayweather (boxer) has taken the title? Now, I totally understand what Rick James (played by David Chapelle) meant when he said the statement "They should have never given you ninjas money!" When I find the original MTV Cribs Birdman clip on the web, I'll post that one as well. These two dudes have a natural ability when it comes to bragging about how much money they have wasted, and it can only be described as brilliant! See for yourselves....

If any of you ever become rich, these are examples of what NOT to do!

Floyd Mayweather on MTV Cribs

Birdman on MTV Cribs (Flashback Whips Edition)


Big Homie said...

LMAO. I saw this and was dying

Redman's MTV Crib episode > everybody elses

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Big Homie - I would have to agree as far as hip-hop artist go, Red definitely had the funniest one of them all! The broken door bell and the shoe box with the dollar bills in it on top of the fridge were classic!