Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who’s The Low Budget Crew you ask? Let’s just say that these dudes reppin’ Washington D.C. are one of the dopest hip-hop crews doing it these days, that most folks still have never heard of. What makes them dope in my opinion is the fact that each member contributes something unique to the movement, similar to other crews like De La Soul, Tribe & The Justus League. The coolest thing about these katz is that their music has a positive vibe to it, but it’s not corny. They don’t have to talk all raunchy while using every curse word in the urban dictionary to make a point. There are several extended family members that rep the Low Budget Brand, but the main members are Kev Brown (Producer/Emcee), Cy Young (Emcee), Oddisee (Producer/Emcee), Kenn Starr (Emcee) and DJ Roddy Rod (DJ/Emcee). As individual artists these katz are top notch, but as a unit they form a mighty hip-hop Voltron. I double dare somebody to ask me what Voltron is? As the late great Dr. Bill Bixby once stated, “Don’t make me angry…you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!”

If ya’ll have been hanging around SoundNexx for any decent length of time, you should already know my take on that man Kev Brown. He’s a solid emcee with that magic touch when it comes to making those beats. Being an understudy of the greats like Marley Marl, Pete Rock and Premo have definitely paid off! Kev’s beats have that melodic-hypnotic feel to them that could even make a deaf mute get to bobbin’ their head. The producer extraordinaire Oddisee keeps his beats smooth, but definitely funky. Both of these dudes are always consistent, and they seem to have made each other better after years of working together. Kenn Starr is the main emcee of the Low Budget Crew. His lyrical ability is impressive and his wordplay is definitely rewind and quotable worthy. I knew Kenny had the gift of gab by some of his earlier tracks, but when he dropped he debut joint “Starr Status” I knew the kid was no joke! Roddy Rod is under the radar right now for the most part, but keep your ears open for this man though. The track he did with earlier this year with Mr. Laine was definitely bananas republic for sure. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll know very soon, so stay tuned. Last, but not least is emcee Cy Young. One thing that stands out about this kat immediately is the fact that he’s 6 feet 7 inches tall! He’s an ex-pro basketball player from back in the day, but rappin’ is his true passion. He’s definitely the Jolly Green Giant of the rap game, but the dude can actually rhyme unlike his mutant nemesis wack-a-Shaq! Other Low Budget members and affiliates include: Kaimbr, Wanya, Critically Acclaimed, Muhsinah, Kenwood, Sean Born, I.Q. and DJ Marshall Law.

This post would not be complete without some dope video footage to wrap things up nicely, so here you go folks:

Cy Young

DJ Roddy Rod

Kenn Starr

The Low Budget Crew Back Stage



Anonymous said...

the myspace page u left is wrong!!!

Some dude from cali

Dubb said...

I know this has nothing to do with the topic but I wanted to corect you about something.You said the late Dr. Bill Bigsby.The character was Dr. David Bruce Banner (yes I'm sure rapper David Banner got it from that).The Dr. Jeckyll to The Hulk's Mr. Hyde.The actor was Bill Bixby.He died sometime in the late 80's or early 90's.

SoundNexx DJ said...

@dubb - Good catch...LOL! Let me clear something up though. I deliberately used Bill Bixby's name instead of David Banner's just to combine the two names together. However, I did misspell his last name though, but due to lazy attitude at times I left it like that...LOL! Now, you come along and point it out, so I guess I'll correct it now.

Thanks for coming thru though playa..