Thursday, August 23, 2007


It’s all about that 90s R&B today ladies and gents! Forgotten songs and artists that were definitely doing their thing back in the day. Lets reminisce a little bit. My favorite R&B female freak would have to be Adina Howard. Not only for the simple fact that she’s from Motown, but it’s impossible to deny the presence she made in the music game when she first came out with her debut album. The album cover alone had most men feening, but overall her debut was freakishly satisfying to the ears as well. Adina is just straight up nasty with her lyrical content at times, but I like it! The lady has dropped several hot singles and remixes throughout the 90s, so I thought she’d be around for a while? Well, I was wrong. She left her fans high and dry. She did come out with an independent album in the new millennium, but the majority of the world didn’t even know it came out, so nobody bought it. As long as there are pictures of her floating around the internet, I will probably always be a closet fan of hers.

When it comes to female groups in the 90s one of my favorites was definitely Zhane’ (pronounced Jah-Nay for some reason). Tracks like “Hey Mr. DJ” and “Groove Thang” are still club classics in my book even in 2007. Actually, all of the songs on their debut album equaled classic material. Not only was their music addictive, but their look back then was pretty fresh as well. Other than Grace Jones there weren’t many women rocking the brush cut look, and I thought they looked pretty fly personally. They took on a different look with longer hair for their sophomore album “Saturday Night,” which unfortunately didn’t do so well. There were a couple of solid singles on the album, but it just didn’t have the same impact as their debut. Soon after that Zhane’ disappeared leaving their fans lost, waiting for a musical return that would never happen. Even though Zhane’ is no more, ex-group member Renee Neufville is doing her solo thing as an independent artist on the underground soul scene. I like what I’ve heard from her so far, so keep your eyes posted for more on her in the very near future.

Now, wait a minute! Is that Ray J’s sister? Yep, and her name is Brandy Norwood. You might be thinking…why is Brandy being put into the Forgotten Artists category? She still makes music and some may feel that she’s still relevant today. No matter how you feel about Brandy personally, the reality is that her musical career has suffered a slow and painful death over the last few years. The early years of her career were the best that it’s going to ever get in my opinion. Singles like “I Wanna Be Down,” “Best Friend,” “Baby,” “The Boy Is Mine,” etc. put Brandy at a superstar status. She was the little singing princess that everybody just loved to death, but as she got older things began to change. Her music career seemed to become an afterthought once she got pregnant and supposedly married some producer dude abruptly after only knowing him for a short time. Then come to find out after the baby was born that she lied about getting married after all, leaving her fans feeling bewildered and confused. Sadly, things just seemed to take an avalanche type slide into the toilet for Brandy during that drama filled period of her life. I am pessimistically-optimistic (if that’s possible) in my view of Brandy’s musical future right now. History has shown that it’s never too late to make a come back, but right now Brandy is a distant music memory of what she once was.

Ladies…are you ready to sweat? This next dude has been making the ladies weak in the knees since the late 80s, and his name is Keith Sweat a.k.a Keitherland Sweatington. Keith was the best at begging the women through song to give him another chance. In some of his records he begged so much that you almost felt sorry for the dude. Even though voice could get very annoying at times, the guy has made some stellar hit records during his career. Tracks like “Make It Last Forever” and “Something Just Ain’t Right” are still urban cabaret classics that are guaranteed to get some folks on the dance floor for some touchy-feely slow dancing. Even though Mr. Sweat still drops an album every so many years, the sad reality is that nobody really cares in 2007. I am happy to know that the dude is still working on his craft, but if I was pushed into listening to any of Keith Sweat’s music, it would definitely be stuff from his earlier years. Outside of crying and begging for another chance, he did discover some solid R&B groups like Kut Klose and Silk. Both groups did their thing for a minute back in the 90s, but they eventually vanished as well after a pretty short lived music career. If you didn’t know, Keith is has a syndicated evening radio show called “Sweat Hotel” where he seduces women to call in to confess the wrongs that they’ve done to someone special. Even though Mr. Sweat overdoes the sexy voice radio personality thing, I will give him props for keeping his name out there after all of these years.

Okay...enough typing! It's time to share some music...

After I posted part 1 of this re-mixx series a minute ago, I got so many emails requesting more mixes like that, so I decided to put another one together sooner than I originally planned. Part 2 has even more remixes from some of our forgotten, but favorite artists from the 90s. No matter how you slice it, the 90s era produced plenty of great artists and music as a whole, so enjoy this musical remixx journey back down memory lane.


01*Asante ft. The Fugees - Look What You've Done (Remix)
02*Keith Sweat ft. Kut Klose - Twisted (Tumblin' Dice Remix)
03*Donnell Jones - Knocks Me Off My Feet (Remix)
04*Mokenstef - I Got Him All of The Time (He's Mine Remix)
05*Kino ft. Shinehead - Bring It On (Remix)
06*Silk ft. Foxy Brown - Hooked On You (Remix)
07*Sa-Deuce - Don't Waste My Time (Mecca Remix)
08*Kaycee ft. Ludacris - It's Alright (ATL Drop Remix)
09*Zhane' ft. Queen Latifah - Request Line (Remix)
10*Allure ft. Tone & A.Z. - Head Over Heels (Remix)
11*The Black Flames - Watching You (Katchy Remix)
12*911 - Cutie (Fingers Remix)
13*Brandy - Best Friend (Character Remix)
14*Changing Faces - Keep It Right There (Salaam Remix)
15*Kut Klose - Surrender (Drop Remix)
16*Adina Howard - My Up and Down (Ride 2 Remix)
17*Blu ft. Simple E - My Ol' Lady (Remix)



Yatty G said...

Oh shyt...that Changing Faces joint used to be my cut! Props for that Black Flames joint too. Me and my Ipod are happy now!

Big Homie said...

Good track list homie. Good looking out forreals.

Adina is still mad sexxy. I like that fro look on her.

comatisedsoul said...

thanks for the remix!
some of them are extremely rare.