Sunday, January 08, 2006

TOP 5 MC'S OF 2005!

I got inspired to do this post when I watched Jin's, "Top 5 (Dead or Alive)" video! This has been a BIG question in the hiphop community for years! Which MC's are really the best overall?? In most conversations on this topic, true hiphop heads can never come to a total agreement? Opinions vary for so many reasons it seems when trying to pick the "best" MCs. Sometimes, it depends on what part of the country a person is from. If I am from the South, does that make Bun B, T.I., and Ludacris the best MCs because I can relate to their music better? Does being from California automatically make Snoop Dogg, E-40, and Game the best MCs because they rep your hood? Some folks use the artist's musical track record to rate their lyrical skill overall? Because an artist had a bunch of hit records, does that make them a dope MC? What makes an MC great? Is it clever punchlines, realism, good story telling, or catchy hooks?? Is it freestyle ability? Making guests appearances on several mixtapes make you dope? With all of the ghostwriting that goes on in the game, you don't know who really has talent anyway? Overall, it all comes down to personal opinion!

Personally, I have gotten out of the whole "who's the greatest rapper of all times" mode of thinking. I pick MCs on a yearly basis for my best category. My lists have changed over the years. If you had asked me back in 1990, Ice Cube would have definitely been on my list! In my opinion, all MCs contribute something to this game we call hiphop? Some more than others, no doubt! The real question is, how many years do we idolize hiphop immortals? Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G have made serious contributions to hiphop game, but we will unfortunately never hear another new-relevant verse from these hiphop heroes! With that being said, is it really fair to the new and upcoming MCs to have their hiphop contributions and lyrical skill compared to BIG's and Tupac's? Maybe? Those are considered to be the highest standards of accomplishment by most, when it comes to hiphop? Even Jay-Z who is one of my favorite MCs has to deal with comparisons between him and these legends! I can go on forever about this topic, but here is my top MCs as of 2005! This list is in no specific order.

1-Mos Def: This MC has serious lyrical ability! I like him mostly for his choice of subject matter in his rhymes. He actually something to say, other than just telling stories about cars, jewels and women. One minute he may be verbally abusing the wack MCs and the next he's talking about how politics effect world hunger! Gotta love that diversity! He also doesn't have a problem going against the trends & gimmicks that dominate hiphop today, which has earned him so much respect!

2-Phonte: Even though this MC is part of group called, Little Brother...he has stood out in ways that solo artists don't normally achieve? He always has a smart spin on even the dullest subject matter. His wordplay on the mic is addictive. I look forward to hearing what he has to say next! I think his obvious sense of humor is what makes him one of the best? He honestly doesn't take this "rap ish" to seriously, but don't be mistaken....the brother is serious about his lyrical skill!

3-Jean Grae: She is considered by some to be the underground queen of hiphop. My favorite fowl mouthed female MC for sure! Definitely not a new comer in the game, but she is still sadly unknown to a lot of people? She's a lyrical terror on the mic! Jean's greatest asset in my opinion, is her ability to be slapstick silly at one point, and then flip into her serious-straightlaced, sick, vicious-cut your juggler vein type mindstate! Almost like the "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" syndrome. Actually, her sometimes sick and twisted view on the world is what makes her great!

4-Common: This dude still seems hungry after all of his years in the hiphop game. He is another clever MC, with a lot to say! He is one of the only MCs that I can listen to that does R&B type tracks. He sounds good whether vibing with Bilal, Erykah Badu, Macy Gray, or Mary J. Blige! I can't say that about too many other MCs. Common's past albums are normally themed, which means that you may not have any major singles from the project, but will get a good album in most cases? Some fans were greatly dissappointed by his 2002 release of, "Electric Circus," but I thought it was unique? Not the greatest, but definitely not the worst! In my eyes, even with that little mistep, he is still one of the most consistant MCs!

5-Talib Kweli: It's hard to deny Talib! He has such an undeniable passion for hiphop, and it shows on every project that he's apart of. He's a great lyricist with a consciousness. I feel that he really wants to make the world a better place. Talib is one of the well-rounded MCs out there, working with a diverse array of artists like Paul Wall, Les Nubians, Soulive and DJ Quik to name a few. This brother is also one of the hardest working MCs in the game today, releasing material every six months to keep his name out there. Albums, mixtapes and guest name it, Talib is doing it!

Aight....that's my list! Agree or disagree, leave your list of the Top 5 MCs you are feeling! I am curious about your opinions! Don't be afraid! I won't be hard on you??

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