Saturday, January 07, 2006


I never realized how many people didn't know how to leave comments on this blogger site?? I have gotten several emails asking me how to leave "comments" on here, so I decided to post these simple steps to share with everyone that may not know? It's really, really simple, so here we go:
Step 1: Click the highlighted word "COMMENTS" at the bottom of the post where you want to leave a message or comment for me! A small window should appear if you followed the steps properly?
Step 2: In the small window, click either "Other" or "Anonymous" to setup your identity. Clicking "Other" allows you to type/create a screen name that will be attached to your comment. Clicking "Anonymous" will allow you to leave a comment without revealing your identity! Why would you do that??
Step 3: Click the empty block under the words "Leave Your Comment," and type away!
Step 4: Once you finish typing in your comment, just click the "Publish Your Comment" button at the bottom of the small window, and you're done!

It's simple as eating a ding-dong with a cold glass of milk!! I hope this helps with the confusion?? If I don't see more comments, I will know something!

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