Saturday, January 14, 2006

HVW8 Presents: music is my art

This is an interesting album that I recently came across that has a variety of spoken word, hiphop and soul music on it! Definitely, a challenging piece of work in my opinion. No, you won't find acts like Ginuwine, Chris Brown or Kelly Rowlands on this album, but there are some great artists on here never-the-less! What I like most about this album is the mixture of soul and hiphop that it spotlights. I really enjoy albums that mix things up! Up & coming artists like Ohmega Watts and the Crown City Rockers get to really shine on this album! The artists that caught my attention upon discovering "HVW8 Presents" were Steve Spacek, Plantlife, Rich Medina, DJ Language and Yam Who? I am a big fan of Ubiquity Records anyway, because they always put out music that opens your mind and challenges your ears.

The standout tracks on this album in my opinion are Black Spade's "To Serve With Love," Plantlife featuring Dena Deadly on "Your Love" and Kingbread featuring Steve Spacek doing their rendition of "It's Alright." To most people these artists are really unknowns, but it is never too late to get familiar! If you let the radio tell it, the only soul music available is by Keisha Cole, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Jamie Foxx and Ashanti?? I guess to be fair, that is pop-soul music to some...maybe even most?? Knowing that side of soul music is cool, but get to know the many other sides as well! I have this album linked, so checkout some free samples, if you dare??

In the famous words of Hellraiser's Pinhead...."I have such sites to show you!!"

Keep real music alive.......


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