Monday, January 16, 2006


Outside of soul, hiphop and jazz, house music is one of my favorite genres! The hypnotic rhythms and baselines in house music are (dopely) unmatched. I was first introduced to the house sound by an artist named, "Fast Eddie" back in the late 80's. He had a brand of music called, "Hip-House" where he rapped over simple house grooves. Compared with today's music, hip-house probably sucks, but back then Eddie was the man! In the later years I discovered more polished artists like Frankie Knuckles, Deva, Jamie Principle, Inner City, and Joyce Simms, who showed me what the house vibe was all about back in the day. Then I got a hold of a Little Louie Vega (Masters At Work) mix house music CD back in 1992, and I was hooked! Over the last 10 years, the sound of house music has evolved? One of my favorite house music producers is DJ Spinna, who has crossed the music boundaries by creating music in just about every genre? He has produced records in hiphop, jazz, soul, and rock, but his love for house music is definite.

Now there seems to be some confusion on what house music is? With the music industry being obsessed with labeling music and artists, the names used for categorizing house music have changed as well. Categories such as GROOVE, ELECTRONICA and even DANCE have been used in music stores around the world to confuse the consumers even further? Why couldn't they just leave it labeled HOUSE?? I am quite sure the answer has something to do with money! It really bothers me when I go to a local music store, and I can't find the artist that I am looking for because they are located in a bogus section! For those of you that have given up on "real" CD buying for paypal mail ordering, and electronic file downloading, you wouldn't understand?? I still like diggin' in the crates at the music stores literally! My man Gene knows just what I am talking about! We used to hit up Tower Records, Virgin Records and HMV like mad men back in the day.

Of course, I had to put another mix together sharing some of my favorite house cutz! That's available below. I am dedicating this mix to Gene, Honey and Rodd a.k.a House Dawg, because they appreciate this music I still call "HOUSE!" For those who have no clue what house music is, get familiar! Please, don't get this great music confused with Techno!! They are two seperate types of music, period!

The "SoundNexx Deep House Mix" will be available for a limited time!

Get the mix tracklisting here! Leave a comment and let me know whatchu feel.

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