Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know about the politically controversial cartoon on Adultswim(Cartoon Network) called, "The Boondocks" created by Aaron McGruder! The comic strip turned tv show was created in 1997. I was very happy when the weekly tv show (cartoon) was premiered in November 2005! In The Boondocks short span on television, Mr. McGruder has already chosen some interesting topics to tackle in the black community like the "The R. Kelly Trial" and "Gay Rappers In Hip-Hop Music!" Even when Mr. McGruder uses offensive shock tactics to get his audience's attention, the real point of each episode is always understood! You may not agree, but you get it! One of my favorite episodes of The Boondocks, was the one he did about Martin Luther King, Jr. awaking from a coma in the new millenium after being shot in 1968! The most interesting part of it to me was Martin Luther King's impressions about how things had changed since 1968! Some of the things said in that episode were probably hurtful to some folks in the black community, but I think there were many good points that needed to be heard!

Outside of the controversy that surrounds the shows choice in topics, the other reason I enjoy The Boondocks is the music! First off, the shows theme music is tight! Asheru of the hiphop group "Unspoken Heard" provides the lyrics for the theme song. Asheru and Aaron McGruder have developed a great friendship over the last few years, and they decided to work together on The Boondocks project. I enjoy listening to the dope instrumentals that are played during the commercials as much as the episodes themselves! If you have been changing the channel during the commercials, you are definitely missing out....trust me! Aaron McGruder also uses that time to speak directly to the viewing audience with some funny commentary. Hopefully Asheru or AdultSwim will release these nice tracks on a compilation for purchase in the near future?

I understand that "The Boondocks" is not everyone's taste in a tv show, but if you have ever watched shows like, The Family Guy, South Park, Aeon Flux or Beavis & Butthead...give this show a try! You just might find it interesting?? Check your local listings for airing times on Sunday evenings!

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