Sunday, January 29, 2006

Woah!! When I came across these photos, I was shocked and damn near blinded! YES, that is Da Brat (So So Def and Surreal Life-Season 4 fame), and David Gest (Liza Minnelli's Ex-thought he was gay-husband) holding each other like two high school kids in love! How the hell did this happen? Musically, Da Brats career has taken a left turn onto Milli Vanilli Street, just two blocks down from Young MC Boulevard! I guess a sista's gotta do what she gotta doo-doo?? Even with that said, swapping spit with David Gest is going too far, especially for the hiphop community. I guess thugz need love too??

How will Da Brat recover from this one? Is this gangsta? Back in the early 90's, I actually thought Da Brat was a little boy, pretending to be a little girl, dressed like a little boy! Then in the late 90's she started showing some skin, so I suspected she was trying to get another record deal? Then she guest starred on the VH1 has been reality sitcom, "The Surreal Life" back in 2004! Now, she's probably doing the hippity-dippity with David Gest?? Maybe, David will be producing her next album?? Where is Jermaine Dupri when you need him?

I must say, I don't normally post this type of mess.....but dammit, I had to share this one!! I see a Brat video showing up on this site in very near future??!!!


lis said...

i am in hysterics with just the pictures and then your comments put me over the top. that has got to be a publicity stunt! four words: Y U C K ! LOL

SoundNexx said...

Lis - I guess you put it right, LOL! I heard that Da Brat was the gold digger type, but dayum! Thanks for stopping thru!