Sunday, December 11, 2005

It's that time again! The end of the year album wrap-up! What albums were at the top of the food chain for me in 2005?? Everybody has opinions on this subject, so I will get the ball rolling with my TOP 10 favorite hiphop albums of 2005 (so far)! Narrowing this list down to just ten was no easy task, but I felt these albums were the best overall! These choices were based on lyrics, production, subject matter, originality, and heavy rotation! This list is in no specific order! I have web site links attached to names of most of these artists (if you have been sleepin') for further investigation on these katz!

1) Little Brother - The Minstrel Show
Little Brother had to avoid the softmore jinx after their classic debut, "The Listening!" There had been a lot of hype surrounding their second album, which kept the underground buzzing! Finally, the album dropped, and the hiphop world was blessed with The Minstrel Show. This album showed the growth of each member since their debut!
2) Slum Village - Slum Village
Slum Village dropped a major record label deal due to poor promotion of their last album, and decided to do an independent album with Barak Records. Even though they have lost 2 group members, and a major record deal...Slum Village still delivered a solid album in 2005!
Kev Brown - I Do What I Do
Kev is no freshman in the game with a laundry list of production credits for some of today's hottest artists. Kev Brown was finally able to release his first real solo album for his long-awaiting fans. It was worth the wait! Honestly, Kev is no wordsmith on the mic, but when you add his "boom-bap" style of production, and his laid back's hard to deny the brotha!
L.E.G.A.C.Y. - Project Mayhem
When I first heard the cut, "Organ Donor" back in early 2004...I was an immediate LEGACY fan! Then he dropped the now hard to find "Legsclusives" EP in late 2004, which increased the buzz of the Justus League movement started by Little Brother. Now, in 2005, we finally got a full-length album from LEGACY, which is my favorite Justus League release behind the Little Brother albums! LEG has a complex flow, with heavy punchlines, and solid beats.
5) Common - Be

Common was one of the most slept on MC's in the game for many years in my opinion! The lyrics and subject matter have always been there for Common, but when you add Kanye West on production, you have a classic album.
6) Kanye West - Late Registration

Ego aside...Kanye West is one of the most talented hiphop artists out today! I actually enjoyed "Late Registration" better than his debut, "College Dropout!" With catchy hooks and creative punchlines, this album was definitely one of my favorites in 2005!
7) Asamov - And Now....
This underground group out of Florida surprised me with this album! Pretty straight forward rhymes with solid production! No filler, just beats and rhymes! You don't get that too often in an album.
Dangerdoom - The Mouse & The Mask
M.F. Doom is one of my favorite underground artists! In the last couple of years, Doom has made it a mission to release a project with every known hiphop producer in the game that he likes! I didn't think he could compete with the project he did with Madlib titled, "Madvilliany" due to the chemistry they shared, but I was wrong! Dangerdoom is another example of chemistry between two artists for sure! Let me express that, Dangerdoom is not for everyone! If you are a conservative type of the hiphop fan that listens to a lot of radio, this album may cause your ears to bleed?? :)
Rapper Big Pooh - Sleepers
Big Pooh showed that he doesn't need Phonte to make a solid album! This is on some B-Boy type ish, and my head stayed bobbin' with this one! This is a solid album.
10) Big Boi - Big Boi Presents...Got Purp Vol. 2

I have always been an Outkast fan, but I felt Big Boi got outshined by Andre 3000 on their last album! Now, Big Boi is back with a new compilation with his Dungeon Family members to shake things up a bit, which he does! It was hard for me to deny the quality of this album, and once you add Sleepy Brown to the's a done deal!

All feedback is surely welcomed! Feel free to leave your list of top 10 hiphop albums for review. Coming Soon is SoundNexx's Top 10 Soul/R&B Albums in 2005!


Vonnie said...

Hello Big Baby,
I guess I like your site:-). I will chat later my 10 best R&B. I am old school! Later. . . .

SoundNexx said...

Vonnie: What's up? Yeah, I know you old school! I got some stuff coming for you old headz too..LOL! Soul/R&B Top 10 coming this week!

harmeone said...

Can't wait to add my two cents - I love this game!!!


SoundNexx said...

Harmone - Yeah I know you got an opinion on this! Get at me.

DMecca7 said...

What up J? Feeling the site man. I will spread it around to a few others that I think might like it. Keep up the good work..


SoundNexx said...

DMecca - Glad you got you computer back online! I am slowly trying to make this site a real place for folks to get informed about those unknown artists? Thanks for stopping by!