Friday, December 30, 2005


Well, 2005 has been an adventurous year! I am happy to have made through another year safe and sound! For the most part, things went well for me? I hope to have a much better year in 2006! I don't have any New Year's resolutions, but I plan to be constructive and having fun while I do it! Most folks around the world are pretty excited about celebrating the arrival of the New Year! That usually means going out to clubs, parties and possibly standing in the cold watching a firework demonstration? When it comes to me, I just like to chill on New Year's Eve! I find some place comfortable to relax, put on some smooth tunes, get some good food, and reflect on things until I get sleepy! All of that gun shooting, clubbing, excessive drinking, and yelling are not on my itinuary! I normally pick a few cuts from my collection to play during New Year's Eve, and this year I am going to share those tunes with my folks as a musical gift.
I want to give some shoutouts to my fam and friends that make this Earth a better place to be stranded on! I want to thank you all for your friendship, love and support in 2005! I'll see ya in 2006! If you owe me any money, pay up??
Have a safe and Happy New Year: Gwen, Punkin, El, Bessie, Flo, Donna, Angela, DeColle, Bessi, Cynamon, Peachy, Rodd, Jennifer, Tya, Lamarr, Be, Norman, Greg, Bernard, Jamel, Derrick, Joyce, Honey, Razina, Gene, Julian, Rick, Adwele, Tyce, PD, Charles, Jesse, Eddie, E. Harm, Edward, Denise, Sharnise, Dash, Chrissy, E-Dub, Reggie, Eriko, Doug, Jordean, Robert, Bill, Bub, Karen, Tootie, Yvonne, Angie, Vinnie, Angel, Sandy, Pablo, Annette, Marcella, Nate, and Tom Q! Anybody I know I got luv for you too!
Here is the "NewYear'zEve2006ChilloutMixx" for downloading as I promised! Before you play this mixx, find a nice comfortable spot, and maybe even get you a glass of your favorite drink on the rocks!! I went all over the place with this mixx, so hopefully your ears will enjoy it?? Let me know whatcha think about it? I can take it, believe me! :)
Mixx Tracklist:
1- Lay It Down - Dwele
2- Summer Madness - Kool & The Gang
3- Please Set Me At Ease - Madlib
4- Sunshine - Colossus
5- Feel My Love - Havana
6- So Far - Nicolay
7- The Way We Do (Zo Remix) - Little Brother
8- Sun Goddess - Ramsey Lewis
9- How's Life? (Cilla Collabo Mix) - The Society
10-Born Again - V feat. Jill Scott
11-Slide - W. Beasley feat. Jill Scott
12-Bittersweet - Siji
13-If You Play Your Cards Right - Alicia Meyers
14-Making Love In The Rain - Herb Alpert feat. Janet

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