Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Over the years, I had the luxury of hearing all kinds of music! I quickly realized that the songs I hear on the local radio stations really don't represent the diversity in music like it should? Instead of playing music that gives listeners an opportunity to discover and broaden their listening experience, the radio stations use the music for capital gain! Radio executives deny this claim of course, but the proof is in the pudding (as they say)! Think about this small illustration that I am about to give you, and see what you think? The next time you get a chance, take a minute and stop at your favorite music store. It doesn't have to be a store that specializes in selling music either, a Best Buy, Circuit City or Media Play will due. If you look around, you'll see thousands of CDs available for purchase from all types of artists! Some artists you know and love, and others you may have never heard of before! The point is, there are all kinds of music to be heard, not just the so called, "Top 20!" I doubt that any musician would reject the opportunity to get their music played on the radio, so why is it that 80% of the music out there never gets heard? Secondly, how does the radio station decide what songs to play? Is it based on public demand? Is it the, "You pay, we play" scenario? I have my own personal beliefs, but I will leave that topic up for discussion.....

With all that being said.... I wanted to show some love to independent female singers that do their thang better than most of the singers that I hear on the radio, and see in the videos! Their music has substance, originality, and real emotion! These are some of the real soul singers that I feel need some well deserved attention! Some of these albums are older, and some are more recent! My point with post is to open a door for some of you to discover some good soul music! Most of these artist's albums are not available for purchase in your local stores, but you can buy them online! I have links attached to each album cover where you can hear samples of these albums, and even make a purchase if you choose to? If you want to buy any of these albums, and the links don't have that option available try: for what you need! After checking these artists out, let me know what you think??

Warning: If you are looking for that Nivea-Keyshia Cole-Raven Simone type of music from the female singers I have listed below, this may be hazardous to your ears?? :) It's worth the risk though!

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