Friday, December 09, 2005

Asamov is a hiphop group out of Florida. The And Now.. album is their debut. Back in September, I heard a mixtape from this group, and I was very impressed! I don't normally get too hyped over mixtapes because artists typically spit freestyles over other producer's instrumentals not included on the final album. When the album finally drops, the production is sometimes weak, and the rhymes are rehashed from the mixtape! That's not the case when it comes to Asamov. They put together a solid debut, with quality tracks from start to finish.

Some may consider them to be on the "backpacker" type of hiphop vibe when it comes to their style, and subject matter! I personally don't like to label artists. With head-noddin beats and fresh rhymes, this is a must for any true hiphop head! If you enjoy artists like Little Brother, Giant Panda, and Jurassic 5, Asamov will probably fit nicely in your music collection. This is a nice way to end your holiday season for 2005. Click on the links above to find out more about this group, and to hear some samples from their debut album.

1) Intro
2) Past Futures
3) Bookslide
4) Bad News
5) Fem Fems
6) Real Good (9th Wonder)
7) Suckas
8) Supa Dynamite (Feat. Mr. Lif)
9) Boom Box
10) Gone Head
11) Git Loose (Feat. Akrobatik)
12) Seven
13) Say Somethin
14) Help Me Sing
15) Standing Room Only (Feat. J Live, Cassidy, Wordsworth)

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